difference Hot Stamping and heat press.

different between Hot stamping and Heat press machine.

Hot Stamping machine and heat transfer machine is the use of heat and pressure gilt metal coating paper and thermal transfer printing graphics layer film packaging equipment is transferred to the substrate on the Hot stamping machine is the use of silica gel plates and gold foil version of equipment , heat transfer machine using a cylinder silicone roller , heat transfer in the printing industry , it mainly uses planar silica gel plates to proceed.
Structure a , bronzing machine and heat transfer machine
1 table.
Workbench is used to put the fixture and substrates, mainly flat bench bench , shuttle table, rotary table . Surface table used in flat heat transfer machine and hot Hot stamping machine on a flat surface , the shuttle table tipping machine used on surfaces and surface heat transfer machine . In order to improve the efficiency of Hot stamping , rotary table can also be installed on a flat hot stamping machine .
2 hot pressure system.
The hot stamping machine head is flat hot version, which is installed heating plate , hot plate can move up and down the hot heat transfer machine head can be rotated up and down movements and silicone rollers , silicone rollers using radiant heating mode , hot machine driven by a cylinder driven down , heat transfer machine with hydraulic way mostly in the hot pressing process , hot head under pressure and to maintain and order of iron in contact for some time and then lift . Time time relay control .
3 . Feeding system.
Installing foil paper and transfer film and automatic transmission controlled delivery device , bronzing machines usually have time to control the relay in accordance with the time , in addition to the time control heat transfer film , there are also signs of thermal transfer film according to the node for photoelectric switching control .
4 The control system.
Control system is used to carry out the above-mentioned mechanical action of ordering , the printing process automation , and now the Hot stamping machine and heat transfer machine basically realized microcomputer control , stable and reliable performance . Divided into trial operation of the control panel buttons and automatic operation two functions , the former for transfer machines, which is used to produce .
Second, the printing and thermal transfer element bronzing machine
Hot Stamping machine and heat transfer machine requires a combination of silica gel plates or rollers , foil paper or thermal transfer film, fixtures in order to achieve exquisite silk . Also the temperature and pressure are perfect Hot stamping process and the most important elements of the thermal transfer .
A silica gel plates and rollers
Silica gel plates and letterpress mainly used in flat hot stamping machine , silicone roller mainly used in heat transfer machine . Silica gel plates and another version to use hot glue and high temperature adhesive tape pasted into bronzing machine ironing board top.
2 gold foil paper and transfer film.
Use foil paper bronzing machine , transfer machine using gold foil paper and thermal transfer film. And selection of ink similar , foil paper and transfer film layer must match the order of the hot matter of the material .
3 temperature and pressure.
Temperature is to achieve gold foil paper and transfer film from the type layer peeling , the lowest melting temperature hot melt glue , pressure is derived from the elastic deformation of the silica gel plates and rollers . Temperature control is usually detected with a thermocouple and a temperature controller for automatic control.
4 . Fixture.
Must make good stability, good fixtures identity , in order to ensure consistency and accuracy of location overlay . Hot stamping machine head pressure and thermal transfer machines much larger , so making the fixture to withstand greater pressure , due to the presence of a heat source , the fixture must tolerate a certain temperature.
Three hot stamping machine and heat transfer machine classification :
1 flat hot stamping machine :
Hot head is flat, stationary table tipping machine , hot stamping function in the product surface to achieve flat or nearly flat gilt . Flat hot stamping machine with manual and pneumatic hot stamping machine stamping machine . Manual hot stamping machine to complete the hand vertical movement of the head , the other is still automatic operation . Common bronzing machine is pneumatically controlled . Rotary table tipping machine is printing machines will be installed in the latest type of turntable bench plane bronzing machine.
(2) Surface hot stamping machine :
Stamping Machine installed on the plane and shuttle table transformation process of stamping machine is curved stamping machine , it can complete the cylinder surface bronzing energy products.
3 flat heat transfer machine :
Hot head is silicone roller table can move back and forth around a flat heat transfer machine heat transfer machine , flat heat transfer machine can complete the transfer of a large area of flat products .
4 surface heat transfer machine :
Workbench can only occur if the rotational motion of a surface heat transfer machine heat transfer machine . Now usually curved and flat heat transfer machine heat transfer machine as a whole, in a plane above the table surface fixture can be installed .
5 Profiling heat transfer machine :
Some surface features of more complex products must be used hot surface relief floating heads can transfer machine based on profiling . Profiling transfer machine can complete ellipsoid, wavy thermal energy complex products .
Speed !!stamping machine is generally slower, which severely restricts the number of high-volume products bronzing , therefore , fully automatic tipping machine started to enter people's vision . Stamping machine and heat transfer machine in cosmetics, household goods , building materials , which are widely used in industry . They and printing machines, screen printing machine constitutes a unique landscape as plastic products, decorative market , to add luster to people's lives !
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