Free Download USB Driver For 360 Digital Foil Printer

USB Driver For DigitalFoil printer,360 hot stamping machine.

Digital Foil Printer

How to Install USB Driver for you digital Foil Printer.

It is Easy that for USB Driver installation.

Firstly , please follow this page , it has a Download Link

2. After you download.

direct click Install, so it will auto install USB driver

But after install , please Setup Parameter and Paper size on USB Driver, 

and please refer this video

Above Video will show you all completed installation.

Now let us to see what is our this  Foil printer 360 Digital hot stamping machine Features:

* Put single paper on the back tray,there is sensor to detect the feeding paper,feed in automatically.
* No need for plate making,by making a design on computer, youcan print what you like, all kinds of words,logo,pictures.etc.
(SD card printing, no limit to the computer)
 * Motherboard adopts new intelligence CPU frequency conversion control,heart dissipation is quick,prolong the life of print heat.
 * Imported high precision print head,HD300dpi.
 * Support all printing software under Windows system.
 * Simple operation, ultra low power, power saving, no noise, hot stamping color can be selected
* Saving foils,skipping the empty parts when printing .

Finally, Please Download This USB Driver At Here .

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Anonymous said…
I bought this Digital Foil Printer from One China Supplier. This machine works are fine, Do you have The Foil Printing Film For This Printer. If you have, Next Time I will buy from you.
Mr Jeff Tan said…
Yes, we are selling The Foil Film For This Digital Printer, Contact us, we will offer you different color Films at Reasonable Price.

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