Seiko Printhead is good For Your Printer Features

What is Seiko Printhead Parameter? It is Good For you when you Purchasing A Large format printer,UV Printer.
Today we introduce you to the main models of Seiko Printhead.

Seiko Printhead Price and Different Models parameter information.

Seiko is used in various printers. There are mainly these models: SPT1020, SPT510, SPT 255 (but discontinued), and now these two models are produced: SPT508G and SPT 510 512

Seiko SPT 510 512 Is also available With 510 Nozzle, Seiko SPT 1020 has 1020 Nozzle, And Price is also high more.

The Price for different Model of Seiko Printhead:
SPT1020 price is near about $1800-$2000 and near same Price with Seiko SPT510 512.
But Seiko SPT 508A is more cheap, price is about $1300  
Seiko Print head.
Seiko SPT Printhead is finally designed by combining the performance advantages of all previous printheads. While focusing on the previous advantages, it is also mainly reflected in: 

1. Mainly manifested as an all-stainless steel design with a super long life.
2. Nozzle voltage can change with temperature, so it can avoid the trouble of ink cut-off caused by external factors such as temperature in other nozzles in the past.  
3. The data port of the print head can adapt to different printing software, and the print density is more important than the previous print head.  
4. It can be produced in a variety of modes, the ink dot particles are 35PL and 12PL, the highest standard precision is 720DPI and 1440DPI, and the color saturation is impeccable.
5. The printing width of SPT510 print head is 71.8mm, which is 4 times that of ordinary print heads, and it can output quickly.
6. It has a wide range of applications and can be applied to printing in a variety of fields, including outdoor inkjet printers, UV flatbed printers, outdoor photo printers, etc.
7. The production lines of the matching inks are all inspected by professionals of the Seiko Electronics Group of Japan, and the inks produced each time are all certified by the Seiko Group before they can be put on the market.
8. The cost is lower and it tends to be popular 

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