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How to make acrylic LED signage

How to make acrylic LED signage. acrylic LED signage is worldly used a outdoor advertising for a company logo or outdoor signage. Acrylic signage word, also known as acrylic luminous characters, there is acrylic panels and LED lights consisting of acrylic word. Acrylic word in its styling points, there are three standard called a flat drum Word 2, Word 3 tip drum, drum circle word Other shapes basically from three kinds of evolution. for making acrylic signage firstly you need a cnc router cutting engraving machine. 2. must Ready for materails acrylic and color board. 3. use cnc router to cutting acrylic to be a words which you want to be . 3. and realdy a vacuum heatting machine. for vacuum the words as same size as cutted by cnc router. Read More New

make outdoor Acrylic led light words steps.

make outdoor Acrylic led light words steps. Here are about Acrylic led light words making process, teach you how to Acrylic led light words. 1, Acrylic led light words mold making: Generally we fix the file using Wentai software outputs to go engraved engraving machine MDF, Acrylic led light words generally do smooth and flat, in order to make beautiful Acrylic led light words, Do not cut corners, so as to ensure that when the compression molding crack shot, guaranteed not to break the acrylic pressure; worth mentioning here that the stitching of large acrylic led light words die, many acrylic led light words die is better than MDF or work surface engraving machine to be big, so only stitching, and fight the interface must be accurate, and there is a fine place to try to choose the word stroke stitching. 2, Acrylic led light words production: the good Acrylic led light words die after nail polish is good, be careful not to have burrs and sharp corners, so as not to break out the ac

How to Setup Photoprint Software To your dx5 dx7 xp600 Printer?

How to Setup Photoprint Rip Software. What Is Best PhotoPrint Manager for Large format DX5 DX7 XP600 Head printer. 1, the CD into the drive, the automatic installation dialog will pop up bar "Next". 2, the input After the "Next" has been a default by the software, install the software - 3, click "Next". 4, open the CD. Double-click the "wit-color patch", according to the default path C: \ After installing, and then double-click the "InstDrv" Installing the Security Key Driver. 5, double-click the "wit-color patch" installed to C: \, the resulting three files (fsbase.dll cm32.dll sx32w.dll). 6, these three files (fsbase.dll cm32.dll sx32w.dll), copied to the C: \ Program Files \ PhotoPRINT DX Wit-Color Edition 5.0v2 \ Program below, and CD-ROM "WitColor.csm" copy to C: \ Program Files \ PhotoPRINT DX Wit-Color Edition 5.0v2 \ Outputdrivers below: 7, the CD "New witcolor5.0" folder "OutputDrivers" i

cnc router bits knives for user guide

cnc router bits knives for user guide. Carving knives Bits understand and choose to use guide: cnc router bits is very important for cutting and carving different materials. good way to choose bits has Effect you cutting carving job. 1 acrylic cutting, recommend the use of a single blade spiral cutter, is characterized by the processing smokeless, odorless, fast, efficient, non-stick scraps, real environmental protection, its special manufacturing process to ensure that processing acrylic does not burst mouth , fine knife pattern (or no knife pattern), the surface is smooth. Matte surface processing required to achieve the effect, it is recommended to use double-edged three spiral cutter blade. 2 MDF cutting (ad mold used), it is recommended to use a double-edged big chip spiral cutter, which has two high-capacity flutes, double-edged design, both with good chip features, but also to achieve good tool balance, while in the processing of high density board, not black, not cap smok

CNC Router Spindle Maintenance

CNC Router Spindle Maintenance. Spindle is one of important parts in cnc router, we must know how to maintain it.  water cooling spindle must run water in all time when your work with cnc router. cnc router damage by poor circulation there are three cases, the following Xiaobian to share with everyone from wood engraving machine:  1 Is the pump power is too small, not well be from low to high water cycle activities.  2 is the water is not changed frequently, there are impurities in the water, blocking the water inlet of the motor, causing the pressure decreases.  3 is because a lot of water accumulated rust in long hours of work in which the spindle motor, hindering the normal flow of water, which is the most common cause of solution is often to replace the water, the best time to use a conditional pure water there is poor when seeing off the water pumps, air compressors were connecting pipe and outlet, using high-pressure air to clean the interior of the spindle residue, aft

How does Laser engraver good carving glass ABS

Laser engraving and carving techniques of presentation  glass and ABS .   1 .laser equipment carving materials: color plates (ABS) Color plates is a sculpture dedicated to engineering plastics by two or more layers of a composite consisting of color, its size is usually 600 * 1200mm, also a small amount of brand specifications for the 600 * 900mm. U.S. POWMRK to stabilize the quality, variety is recognized as the best products. Color plate engraving finish is usually used for a variety of instructions signage and badges. In the color plates can be divided into machinery and laser with two categories, some of which can also be used for the characteristics of the mechanical plate laser engraving, laser engraving plate: surface color thin (0.1mm) laser plate is generally 1.3mm 0.8mm. Mechanical board is generally 1.5mm), our experience is: If the surface color of the board is very thin, generally can be laser engraved, such as surface color engraving thick can try twice. Engraving: If usi

Laser engraving and carving wood acrylic methods

Laser engraving and carving wood acrylic methods, laser machine engraving wood and acrylic Technical methods is very helpful for you making nice job. 1 Engraving Material: Wood Wood (unprocessed timber) Wood is by far the most commonly used laser processing materials, it is easy carving and cutting. Light-colored wood like birch, cherry or maple are good laser vaporization, and thus more suitable for engraving. Each timber has its own characteristics, and some tight some, such as hardwood, when carving or cutting is necessary to use a larger laser power. We recommend not familiar with wood carving before, would be the first study of its carving characteristics. Plywood In fact, with the plywood carved in wood carving is not much difference, but it must be noted, engraving depth can not be too deep. Plywood edge will be like after cutting wood as black, the key to see if the plywood is manufactured using the kind of wood. Wood carving: In general, carved in wood carving is us

CNC router set correct data when working different materials

CNC router set correct data when working. follows are let all cnc router controler to know different materials for different cnc router data.  (1), cutting  1. PMMA (acrylic)  Thickness speed speed  20mm 5-6 20000-22000  15mm 6-7 19000-21000  10mm 8-9 18000-20000  5mm 10-12 18000-20000  3mm 10-14 16000-18000  (2). PVC (Note: counterclockwise cutting)  Thickness speed speed  20mm 8-12 18000-20000  15mm 10-14 16000-18000  10mm 15-20 16000-18000  (3), Teflon plate (Note: counterclockwise cutting)  Thickness speed speed  20mm 15-20 18000-19000  15mm 20-25 16000-18000  10mm 20-25 16000-18000  (4). MDF (Note: The single blade knife cutting)  Thickness speed speed  18mm 6-8 18000-20000  15mm 8-10 18000-20000  10mm 10-14 17000-19000                                      (Note: All of the above is 3.175 milling parameters)  (5). Color plates  Thickness speed speed  1.5mm 12-20 12000-14000  (6), sculpture  1. Color plate engraving parameters  (1) badge:  Speed: 18

How to good cutting engraving Crystal PVC word

How to good cutting engraving Crystal PVC word. find best way and good cutting and engraving Crystal word, PVC word by cnc router Production process: 1, typesetting (graphics arranged in principle saving materials) 2-point cut in the layout calculations to generate tool paths. 3, modify the direction of the machine during processing (graphics processing helps smooth the edges, according to the material itself, in terms of quality, generally do not need reverse), according to the choice of material selected reverse, clockwise (PVC clockwise, acrylic inverse clockwise) 4 Notes! ① cut since the beginning of the two-dimensional contour of the outer contour of the original line output, with a hollow inner contour, crystal words with the outer contour, while walking down the line with the original line output. Cutting three-dimensional trajectory angle does not hook. If you do mosaic, mosaic path hook, (interval is generally 0.2) ② When the Z-axis machining in the end plate of the

Cnc router Artcut software manual study

Cnc router Artcut software manual study. Artcut is one of cnc router design software, it is very useful for all cnc engraving cutting machine. follows we are talking about the Artcut design steps. Cnc router machine is mainly used for badges, the licensing department of the color plate engraving, acrylic, PVC cutting and acrylic, PVC three-dimensional sculpture, plastic mold, architectural models, organic by mold, sculpture and other arts and crafts. A: Processing Methods 1, badges, licensing department carving common methods are "2D, the original line output." 2, acrylic, PVC, Teflon board, MDF cutting methods have "cut." 3, organic, PVC three-dimensional carving methods are: "3D". B, badge production: Involving tools Arrow - Select mode (select and move objects) Graphics - drawing rectangle tool Changing the size of the graphic pattern --____ English alphabet - Typing Change the font Right attributes: change spacing, italic. Alignment Tool

How to paste acrylic to make Crafts

How to paste acrylic to make Crafts. Paste Acrylic acrylic products are processed in a very critical part of the process, how to show clear and transparent plexiglass characteristics, reflecting a sense of worth Acrylic tobacco packaging products, and to maximize the quality and taste of acrylic crafts, bonding technology played a pivotal role. Bonding plexiglass plate is mainly affected by two aspects: 1 applicability of the Paste itself; 2 bonding techniques. There are a lot of Paste on the market today, there are two types, one is a two-component, such as Paste, epoxy resin; there is a single component, such as CCl3 (chloroform). In general, two-component Paste is achieved by a curing reaction bonding, one-component Paste is a volatile solvent, and ultimately achieve bonding. Features two-component Paste bonding effect is good, no bubbles after bonding, not white, great strength. The disadvantage is complicated to operate, is difficult, the curing time is long, slow, difficu

acrylic Pmma and PC PS board Difference

How to distinguish plexiglass, PC, PS properties and uses 1 .. plexiglass (acrylic) plexiglass name: polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), English name Acrylics: some people called acrylic. There are excellent light performance, more than 92% by sunlight, ultraviolet up 73.5%; higher mechanical strength, a certain degree of heat cold resistance, corrosion resistance, good insulation properties, dimensional stability, easy to shape, texture brittle, soluble in organic solvent, a surface hardness is not enough, easy to wipe hair, may require a transparent structure for a certain intensity at which some additives may be added to improve its performance, such as heat, abrasion and the like. At present, the material widely used in advertising light boxes, advertising display display supplies, furniture supplies, hotel supplies, sanitary,,,,,. 2 .. Yu Yu Yang Yang PC board PC sun panels (also known as polycarbonate hollow sheet, plate glass Capron, PC monolayer or multilayer hollow plate, poly


OUTDOOR SIGN ADVERTISING. In recent years, the rapid development of outdoor advertising is an indisputable fact, published by PricewaterhouseCoopers in July "Global Media and Entertainment Outlook", comparing the value of various types of media in each year which, because of the outdoor advertising have low prices, first affinity media, vivid, with a highly targeted, large and small, will penetrate into the essence of the destination. They appeared in the road, roof, walls, bus body, airports and so on. According to research found that: consumers a day of work and leisure mood changes, leading to the relationship between consumer and outdoor media are not the same. Further, it was found 81% with a fixed route daily. For most advertisers, how to put in outdoor media, is a more subjective corporate behavior. Because there are too many subjective factors, it will lack objectivity outdoor advertising professional operations. Outdoor advertising is an eyeball economy, so the c

ads indoor outdoor business printing Solutions!

ads indoor outdoor business printing Solutions! with a person for running a business in indoor and outdoor printing which has much knowledge when you working. firstly : understand all equipment for types for indoor and outdoor business. 1 indoor printer: now in the market only one way to know which is indoor printer. (1) indoor printer print head which based Thermal technology (2) indoor printer only for printing water-based ink, dye ink, and large format printed picture must laminating, if no laminating, so it can wash out color within 1 month in indoor. (3) indoor printing business must laminating after printing picture (4) indoor printer price is cheap 2. outdoor printer: (1) outdoor printer print head all are pizeo head. such as DX5 DX6 DX7 seko,xaar head. (2) outdoor printer no need to laminating after printing. (3) outdoor printer price is more cheap.

plotter printing and cutting once time machine

plotter printing and cutting once time machine. which is a plotter can printing on sticker and cutting piece by piece photo out. follows video is our 1.6m Best Brand eco solvent printer with cutter. Best Brand DX7 head eco solvent printer with cutter one machine.  Specification:   Model Printer with cutter 1.6m Print Width: 1.6M Print Head Epson DX7 or DX5 head  Number of Print-heads 1 or 2 Number of Nozzle 1440(180*8*1)  Resolution 1440DPI Color Number double 4 Color Print Table Width:1.7M Print Speed 2Pass:34m2/h 4Pass: 17 m2/h 6Pass:12m2/h 8Pass:8m2/h Cutting speed : Knife Pressure: offset compensation: software : resolution(cutting):ink 10-30mm/second 30-300gf 0-0.15mm(0-00059'') 0.025mm/step (0.000984''/step) +-0.5mm or less Aqueous / Eco-solvent ink Software PhotoPrint or  MainTop Control station:Windows2000, XP:Work flow Rip and print at the same time, print after rip. Operation Environme

what is a plotter for printing outdoor billboard posters

what is a plotter for printing outdoor billboard posters printing for outdoor billboard poster is a plotter which can printing large width, and no limited length for roll by roll printing. also these printer good use for all advertising company or shop/ now we are talking about these plotter printer in follows. outdoor billboard poster also called eco solvent outdoor printer in the advertising business line. 1.8M Best Brand DX5 head eco solvent printer 1. High resolution. Using Epson DX5 print head, including 180 nozzles / row *8 lines , the nozzles is four times than before, high output quality up to 1440dpi. 2. High speed. The staggered arrangement of the print heads significantly improve the productivity! the speed to be 17m 2 /H in 4 pass. 3. High printing quality. The new variable droplet control technology achieve the three grayscale to make the printing more delicate & accurate. Can output the perfect printing with VSD technology even though in high speedor low resolut

what are Best Machine For engraving woods

what are Best Machine For engraving woods. follows are best engraving carving wood for cnc router. Camphor wood: produced in southern China, especially in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Sichuan and Guangxi for the most. Wei Xiang, the color yellow to brown, reddish-brown. Material rough, durability strong. Texture staggered obvious, shiny and beautiful. Since ancient times, the industry's finest materials as wood carving, antique wood carvings and furniture used for wood carvings, easy to insects. Cypress wood: produced in China's Yangtze River and southern regions. Light yellow to darker colors long cinnamon. Fine solid material, texture, crisp straight but slightly rough, rough for relatively large-scale sculpture works. Linden wood: produced in the northern region of China, similar to the ginkgo wood, yellowish color was white (also known as white wood), light, soft material finer texture, straight uniform, shiny silk, easily carving. There are not cracking deformation of f

What wood good for carving and make 3D in cnc router

What wood good for carving and make 3D in cnc router. i have a cnc router carving machine from us for making 3D art in Furniture, But face a problem in some of wood not good for carving , or after carving , the wood has much Glitch. For this question ,we would like to tell all cnc router user: if bad wood , it would be carving much clitch, not nice, so you must choose good wood for carving and make farniture. follows are our suggest wood for carving. Camphor wood: produced in southern China, especially in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Sichuan and Guangxi for the most. Wei Xiang, the color yellow to brown, reddish-brown. Material rough, durability strong. Texture staggered obvious, shiny and beautiful. Since ancient times, the industry's finest materials as wood carving, antique wood carvings and furniture used for wood carvings, easy to insects. Cypress wood: produced in China's Yangtze River and southern regions. Light yellow to darker colors long cinnamon. Fine solid mat

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