Easy To Get Skills To Protect Your Co2 Laser Tube Works Lifespan

To Know And Protect Your Co2 Laser Tube Works Lifespan.

Is A very Important Skills to Let Your Laser Cutting Machine Make Long Time works Life.

CO2 Laser Tube Lifespan

Now Let Us To Tell You What factors affect this CO2 Laser Tube Lifespan.

The first factor affects You CO2 Laser Tube Lifespan.

It is The Cooling System, As All User Know that CO2 Laser tube is need the Water Cooling System. 

Check Your Laser Tube Water Cooling System Everyday, also need to check water Enter and Out when you work with the laser cutting machine .

The water temperature should be controlled within the range of 25℃-30℃ On Your Laser Tube, not too high or too low. This is real important thing ,  If Temperature High, So your Laser Tube Lifespan will be short down Quickly.

The second factor affects your CO2 laser tube  Lifespan.

It is The Laser Machine Power Supplying System. The laser tube can input the laser, and then cut to the material, the laser power supply is the main accessory

The Best Co2 Laser Cutting Machine May Based High quality Power Supplying Board on the machine.

Many User is only think water cooling When They Choose to Buy a laser machine.

But don't forget to think the power supplying Board when you choose supplier to buy CO2 Laser Machine.

The third factor is the environment in Where you work with The Laser Machine 

Maintaining a good working environment is also very easy to cause your CO2 Laser Tube lifespan to shorten quickly.
For example: Dusts !
keep your working environment free of dust, especially don't let dust enter the CO2 Laser Tube water cooling system.

Keep above 3 Factor Good, so your Laser Tube Lifespan will be long more. i wish that you can learning about our this Article.

In addition, we are also a very professional co2 laser cutting machine supplier in Guangzhou, China.
Our laser engraving machine has a very strong quality system, with an automatic protection system for CO2 Laser tube. And we have warranty service and after-sales service. Let's take a look at our brand of CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Works! 

Finally, we sincerely hope that all readers can learn the above 3 factors in this article to protect you CO2 Laser Tube Lifespan
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Anonymous said…
Thanks for you sharing, I have few questions. The first thing is that What brand CO2 Laser Tube you suggested? then, I approve of your Point, Water cooling system is very important for a Co2 Laser Tube Works Lifespan. so My Question if my Laser Cutter machine 150W, do you think I need a 5000W water chiller?
Mr Jeff Tan said…
thanks for the feedback. Follows are The Answers: (1).since 2020 Year, CO2 Laser Tube technology is real full in the market.I think that no matter for any brand laser tube, If the laser cutting machine system is good, so it will be fine with any brand laser tube.02. if you are work with more than 100W laser tubes, so I think that you better use Water Chiller.

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