Best Cnc Router For Engraver 3D Model On Jade Copper Metal?

What is Strong Cnc Router For Jade Copper Metal Engraving.

Strong CnC Router is Applicate to engrave On metal (including stainless steel, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, iron, aluminum alloy and various metal alloys) and jade, granite, various stones for Engraving With 3D Effects!
Application industry:
Metal mold CNC engraving machine, copper engraving and milling machine, aluminum mold engraving, bronzing mold engraving machine, precision mold processing, soft metal punching and cutting relief forming, automatic precision metal engraving machine, high-speed hot stamping engraving, aluminum and copper mold engraving Professional metal engraving machine, the first choice is the old-brand manufacturer Gongda CNC. High speed, high precision.(Here is also the video for This Strong Cnc Router,let us to see how it engraving carving On metal,Copper,jade).

Metal Cnc machines have also become metal mold machines, small mold machines and so on.
1. Best Strong Cnc Router bed adopts cast iron bed, and the gantry column adopts cast iron gantry column. The machine has good stability.
2. The Strong Metal Copper Cnc Router rail adopts imported linear square gauge and three-axis precision screw drive. Equipped with an automatic lubrication system to ensure that the guide rail is durable.
3. And this Strong Cnc Router specially designed Z-axis structure ensures high vertical accuracy and high speed of the z-axis; at the same time, the machine processing speed is increased by more than 2 times; 

This Jade copper metal Strong Cnc Router Carved product samples:
Copper 3D Engraving
3D Metal Engraving
Metal Strong Cnc Router


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