Solution For Cnc Spindle Water Clogged Blocked?

There are two main spindles of Cnc Machine, one is a water-cooled spindle, and the other is an air-cooled spindle. These two spindles have their own advantages due to their own cooling characteristics. The cooling effect of the water-cooled electric spindle is relatively better than that of the air-cooled spindle, but the air-cooled spindle does not require an external cooling water circuit, so it is more convenient and faster to use than the water-cooled electric spindle.

Today we are mainly focusing on the problem of water-cooled spindle motors. Many users report that their water-cooled spindle motors often become blocked after being used for a period of time. I don't know what caused it, let alone how to solve this problem. 

Our Technical explain to you The Spindle Water Cloged Problem: 

Water Clogged The Spindle

During the cutting and engraving process of Cnc Machine, it is determined by the working characteristics of the water-cooled spindle. The spindle of the Cnc machine may be blocked. Since the spindle motor of Cnc Router is a water-cooled spindle, it must be reversed by the internal circulating water. During the machining process of the Cnc Router, it is determined by the working characteristics of the water-cooled spindle. The spindle of the Cnc Router may be blocked. Since the spindle motor of the Cnc Router is a water-cooled spindle, it must be circulated repeatedly by the internal circulating water to achieve the purpose of reducing the heat of the spindle motor during the working process. So that The Cnc Cutting Machine can work normally and stably.

If the cooling water of the Cnc Machine spindle is not replaced in time, it will cause the Cnc Machine spindle to produce high heat, which will reduce the accuracy of the engraving, and even lose steps and dislocation. Therefore, if the spindle motor of Cnc Machine is blocked, it should be solved in time.

First of all, you can connect the air pump to blow down, and try to blow out the debris and blockages in the water pipe. If you can't blow it out, you can also soak it in diluted acid to soften the blockage, and then blow it down with a high-pressure water gun to blow out the scale and impurities inside.

Since the spindle of Cnc Machine is prone to clogging, users of Cnc Machine should always use clean cooling water as the cooling water for the spindle. Don't choose too much impurity and dirty water for cheap and trouble-free. In addition, replace the cooling water frequently, and do not wait for the water to burn your hands before you replace it.

If the fault problem cannot be solved The spindle Blocked Problem

you can contact our professional and technical personnel, we will give certain technology according to the customer's situation to help users solve some of the use problems and technical difficulties in use


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