5 New style Best Heat Press For Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing Heat Press Machine Are Very Popular In T-shirt,Fabric, Now We are Introduce to You:

2021 Five Best Style Heat press machine for Your Printing Business.

1. Firstly, It is the New style Best 8 in 1 combo heat press machine 
8 In 1 Heat press

This 8 in 1 Combo Heat press Machine It is a multifunctional all-in-one machine, which can be used for ceramic plates, ceramic cups, T-shirts and Fabrics, clothing caps, and can be expanded to share other heating components. It can be raised and lowered and rotated by 180 degrees, which is convenient for picking up and transferring transfers between items of a certain thickness; The design is convenient to replace the transfer parts with different functions quickly and conveniently.
Very convenient direct heat transfer image to these materials.

2. secondly: Is The New style Best Heat press For Ceramic Plates Printing.
Plate Heat press

This Ceramic Plates can bake any color labels, portrait photos, landscape patterns, etc. on the porcelain plate, which is especially suitable for advertising, gifts, promotional activities, etc. At the same time, it can be used as a personalized item, combining art appreciation and practicality

3. Thirdly: Is The New style Best Heat press For Pen Printing.
Pen Printing Heat press

Pen heat press machine can print any image, logo through Epson printer, and then DIY heat transfer Image to All Pen, and this machine can print 6 pens at a time, the speed is very fast, it is very suitable for DIY pen printing cheap and Easy to operate machine.

4. fourthly : Is The New style Best Tshirt Printing Heat press.
Flatbed T-shirt Heat press

This Flatbed Tshirt Heat press machine can print on T-shirts, cultural shirts, advertising T-shirts, and some are called personalized T-shirt printing equipment to print on clothes and print on tiles. The flatbed machine can also print on silk scarves, Printing on pants, printing on cool bags, digital images, and heat transfer machines are just one of the machines in the field of personalized printing industry. Heat press machine is also divided into flat heat press machine, shaking head heat press machine, air pressure heat press machine 

5. Fifthly, Is The New style Best Double Station Pneumatic Heat press 
Pneumatic Heat press

Double Station Pneumatic Heat press Price Is High Other 4 style Heat press machine, Also Weight Is very high, not easy to transport, but this machine has pneumatic automatic function, which can increase the heat transfer speed, and the heat transfer pressure is more good controlled By Air compressor. It is suitable for batch processing in factories, and can transfer the color patterns and texts of the ink to cotton, linen, knitting and other materials by heat transfer.

In the Finally:
For more Heat press machine skills, Guide, Operation you can search on our this site.
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