How you install a new Portable Cnc Plasma cutter?

How to install a new Portable Cnc plasma cutter.

Today, the technician will share with you the portable plasma cutting machine. installation method
With the process of industrialization, more and more companies choose to use CNC cutting equipment. They don’t know how to install them. They are always afraid of equipment damage due to installation errors. The actual portable plasma cutting machine is very simple to install. Watch This video To you Completed Steps for install a new cnc plasma cutter
Portable Cnc Plasma Cutter

Guide to New User Install a New Portable Cnc Plasma cutter.

1. Most of the portable Cnc Plasma Cutter are flame plasma integrated machines. After receiving the machine, the machine is divided into two parts, the y-axis is independent, and the host and x-axis are together. The frame is installed and adjusted smoothly. Then push the host from one end of the Y axis, and the side with the track is on the left side of the display.

2. Because the portable Cnc Plasma Cutter gun comes standard, there is only the flame partition assembly on the elevator. Unscrew the top screw of the elevator body, insert it from below the elevator body, and screw back the top screw after inserting to prevent the elevator body from falling off.

3. Line connection. This is also the most difficult part of the portable portable Cnc Plasma Cutter installation. The actual installation is not complicated. There are three jacks on the machine, one of which is the flame control and lifting body control circuit. On the x-axis, A seven-hole socket, which directly corresponds to the 7-holes on the host, is inserted and tightened. The three-port socket is the power cord, which is directly plugged in. There is also a 6-hole socket for the plasma control line. Insert the plasma control line correspondingly.

4. Pass and fix the portable Cnc Plasma Cutter gun from the X axis, and connect the plasma power supply at the other end. Such a portable plasma cutting machine is installed. More about portable portable Cnc Plasma Cutter, CNC flame cutting machine, etc.


Anonymous said…
How much Power does this CNC Plasma cutting machine can be optional? I need to Cut 2-5mm Stainless steel. Please give me a Suggestion.
Mr Jeff Tan said…
This CNC Plasma Cutting machine can be Optional With 60A 80A 120A 150A Plasma power, If you need to cut 2-5mm stainless steel, I suggest you 80A, it is fine for cutting.

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