how to do ? how to fix the CO2 Laser problem?

CO2 Laser is bad! how to fix it? how to clear laser lens?

CO2 Laser Head

CO2 Laser mirror

What is the CO2 laser engraving machine lens?(Here is the Video How to do).

The CO2 laser engraving machine lens is divided into a rear-view lens and a focal point lens, which are used to develop the focal point and reflective surface of the laser.

How to adjust the CO2 laser Cutting machine lens?

If you see a purple glow on your CO2 Laser Tube tube when you fire the laser then the tube is not dead, so check mirror alignment, lens, etc. If there's no glow, then it's not firing, but it could be the power supply or controller rather than the laser tube.


Anonymous said…
Yes, I have a Co2 Laser cutting machine, My machine laser is very bad, can only cut 1-2mm acrylic, I have already done as your taught steps. now is better more, but still can only cut 3mm acrylic. I remember that my machine can cut 8mm thickness acrylic before. do you think my machine CO2 Laser tube has the problem?
Mr Jeff Tan said…
If have already done as our taught steps, maybe your CO2 Laser tube has little problem

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