Computer failure Connection For DX5 DX7 Head Printer

How To Fix Problem In DX5 DX7 Head Printer Connect Computer failure . 

Solution For DX5 DX7 Printhead Printer Connection IP Address Atools Software.

Printer Ip address
Many Customer Is not Know How To Setup Ip address and Atools For DX5 DX7 Large format Printer Connections with Computer.

Today we are talking about this situation To Fix This Problem.

The Firstly:

Connect This DX5 DX7 Head Eco solvent Printer Netcable With Your Computer.

2. See Your Printer LCD Screen whether has show you connected ok? ( If showed you the  icon ) So you can continue to Setup Computer IP and Printer IP Address on Atools Software.

3. When you setup Ip address, you need to keep sure that Computer Internet IP Address is sure same as our user manual

The Secondly:

So you can click Atools Software Connect. If everything is fine, so Atools Software show you connection successful .

The thirdly:

So please install maintop Rip software. After install, please open Maintop, click file and click "Printer Setup"

then , import our ICC Profile to maintop.

More over, You can now work and Import image to Maintop to Direct Outup Printing Business for you DX5 DX7 Printhead Large format Printer.

You can also view Our this follows Video to step by step to install Your DX5 DX7 Head Printer connections with Your computer

After Your All installation. 

Let us look our This High quality DX5 DX7 Printhead Large format Printer works.

The Finally.

We are Confident to Say That We are a professional Supplier In guangzhou City, China, We have Honest Price to sell All our machine, also support best after sale service to all Customer.

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Africa Printing Business said…
I Bought One DX5 Head Eco-solvent Printer From Yinghe Company, But their after-sale service is not Great, now I am thanks for this Help Information. Now this Printer has Worked successfully. Next time I will order one from you.
Mr Jeff Tan said…
Welcome, We will do The Best after-sales service for our Printers Customer.

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