What Are Different Between Fiber VS CO2 Laser?

Fiber Laser VS Co2 Laser,What Different?

What Are Different Between Fiber Laser Machine And CO2 Laser machine?The Main different is The Laser technlogy for different Materails!
Fiber Laser Engraving Cutting machine is Output Fiber Laser To All Metals.
As A CO2 Laser engraving Cutting machine is Output Co2 Laser To All Nonmetal Materails.

Fiber Laser VS CO2 Laser

What are The Technology Of Two Laser Fiber And CO2?

The main difference between fiber laser and CO2 laser is that the working materials of the two are different. The working material of fiber laser is fiber, while the working material of CO2 laser is CO2, which is a gas laser. In addition, the power of the two is relatively large. The difference between fiber lasers is currently more than a few hundred watts to thousands of watts, while the common power range of CO2 lasers is 80W to 600W.

The photoelectric conversion efficiency of fiber lasers is higher than that of CO2 lasers. In terms of cutting quality and speed, fiber lasers are better than CO2 lasers; in terms of use and maintenance costs, fiber lasers are lower than CO2 lasers; in terms of one-time investment, fiber lasers are slightly better Higher than CO2 lasers; in addition, both fiber lasers and CO2 lasers need chillers to cool them down.

Fiber Laser Machine How is works?

CO2 Laser How is Works?

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Chile Cutting Engraving Business said…
From Your Points, You mean that a Fiber laser machine is only for All metal Engraving Cutting, If the CO2 Laser machine is for all nonmetal Cutting Engraving, Right? Do you know any method to make CO2 Laser work with Metals?
Mr Jeff Tan said…
Yes, Fiber laser is for all metal materials cutting engraving, But Co2 Laser is only for all Nonmetal cutting engraving. and CO2 Laser is no possibility to work with any metals.

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