Operation Guide For A3 Hot Laminator 360 480

Get The Best Guide To New User to Operate our 360 480 Hot laminator, Learn It How to Install, How To Maintenance?

Operating Instructions For Our 360 480 Digital Hot Laminator.

Hot laminator

Install Laminating Films:

Our This Laminator Can Laminate Double Side Photos, please make sure your Laminating File is installed Correct With "Reverse Side"And "Front Side" .

Instructions For This Hot Laminator Control Panel:

Hot laminator Key Buttons

There are Many Buttons on Our 360 480 Hot Laminator:

Please refer above picture to know What are these Buttons Function.

Try to laminate photos By this 360 480 Hot laminator:

1. Install Two "Laminating File" To This Laminator
2. Connect This Laminator Power Cable Switch scheduled temperature To be 60 (No bigger 90 temperature)
3. waiting for temperature come to be 60. When the temperature is stable
4. So you can put Photo paper to the machine and start to laminating.

matter Attention When you work with this Laminator.

1. please don't Set temperature to be higher 150 (  Common temperature  is between 60-120, If you make temperature  to high, so it will burn the Rolls Bar rubber) .
2. when the temperature is starting , or is hoting , please don't power off machine ( it easy to burn the roll bar rubber)
3. if you are use Hot laminating , After Finish works when you stop work , please Direct stop Hoting temperature,( Keep Rolling, And wait temperature down under 40,  so you can power off machine)
if the Hot temperature is high, and you suddenly Power off machine,  so it will be easy to Burn Roll Bar Rubber.

How to Laminating By Vinyl Sticker ?

1. Cover the 3-inch Roller Bar with a 1-inch plug, and install the Rollers Vinyl to the Hot laminator

2. because Vinyl has Sticker, no need to Hot, you can switch machine as Cold Laminting. 

Hot laminator common maintenance and common problem solutions:

1. You can Put Motorcycle oil Engine To the Machine Rollers Rails As Regular Every one month(As See Photo)

Hot laminator
2.  If you are Work with Hot Laminating , After Finish Work, Please dont Quickly to power off machine  ( You need to wait temperature  Under 40,  So you can Power Off Machine)

3. When you Lamainting Photo ( The effect makes the paper wrinkle  )

Please See Below This Image ( And Adjust the Rolls Screws,  Let The Rolling Bar Balancing)

To adjust Pressure For Hot Laminator
Our This 360 480 Hot Laminator Can Laminating Double Side Paper. also work with Optional Cold Or Hot,  We are Selling as China manufacturer price, Hot sale if you need , please contact us .
More over , Our this Technical Support Side has More about Other Machine User manual, Software ,and many machine Please search on our side if you want to learn together with us 


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