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how to choose different Paper Cutter?

how to choose different Paper Cutter? Paper Cutter are essential printing companies processing equipment , printing equipment after belong . Now more and more print shops , digital printing shop or need binding than larger companies, etc. , the demand for paper cutter is growing. Currently on the market than the small cutter More, there cutter , semi-automatic paper cutter, electric cutter, programmable paper cutter , etc. , how to buy Cutter ? The purchase should pay attention to what the problem cutter ? guangzhou crossway industry co., ltd for you to explain in detail . 1 , Cutter Safety. Cutter Unlike other mechanical products , are the highest risk of progression of four risk tools. Must focus on the investigation of its safety and dependability when selecting Cutter products. As Cutter paper weight or without anti- fall device ; moving parts fitted at whether full blockade Security cover to avoid unexpected fracture formed parts injury ; cutter during operation, whether the inf

Digital Paper Cutter With Low Price Sale in India

India Digital Paper Cutter Features. Hot Sale With Low Price Digital Paper Cutter In india Paper cutting machine In India Supplier At different city,Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Surat, Kanpur, Patna, Indore, Tana. Hot Sale With Low Price Digital Paper Cutter In india. 1. Optical cutting line. Infrared laser indicating line, high-visible. 2. Heavy-duty casting mechanism. Precision-machined parts processing technique. 3. Patent appearance design. 4. New modern and fashion design which is suitable for Digital Express Printing office.  Paper cutting machine H670T ( Hydraulic paper cutter) H490T /H520T /H670T paper guillotine machine Paper cutter machine Double hydraulic system, adjustable for press and cut paper Double line orbit push paper system Photo electricity safe protest Electric indicating line of knife locating Precise numerical control paper push system Double push-button operation With Foot operated Pedal Computer program control paper

What are Real Function For A digital 4606 Paper Cutter?

What are Addtional Function For 4606 Paper Cutter. Choose,Now let us talking about why you choose 4606 Model when you Purchasing a Digital Paper Cutter. Cost-effective 4606 Programmable Paper Cutter Advantages. 4606 Paper Cutter Cutting size: 460X460X60mm,(Here is also the video for Digital 4606 Paper Cutter ). Paper pressing method: independent motor pressing paper Paper pushing method: CNC/program control Display: LCD Paper cutting method: oblique knife Product introduction: fashionable appearance patent design, beautiful and practical; Heavy-duty structure design, precision processing, stable performance, sturdiness and durability, external cutter depth adjustable patented design, convenient and adjustable, independent motor press paper, press first and then cut, oblique knife cutting to ensure cutting accuracy, using high-speed steel blade Sharp and durable, LCD liquid crystal display, cutting size before and after the knife, equipped with cutting position lighting line, high-preci

Which Is The Best?450 4606R 670HC Digital Paper Cutter!

How to Choose The Best Digital Paper Cutter? How to choose Different Model of Digital Paper Cutter, Such as 450 4606R 490R 670HC Paper Cutter What are Different. It is Easy to Know The Main Differents. 450 4606R 490 670HC the main Difference is Max Cutting Width. And "R" And "HC" is means working method. R is Means Working By automatic and Programed. HC Is means Hydraulic Pushing..   Now Let us See This 4606R Digital Paper Cutter. This is most popular Model For sales. Performance characteristics ★Slanting knife cutting technology, smooth and easy cutting, suitable for any paper cutting ★The design of independent paper pressing mechanism effectively solves the problem of insufficient paper pressing with traditional electric motors and improves work efficiency ★Cut position indication line marking, infrared laser indication line, clear and clear ★LCD display, can simultaneously store 700 segments of data ★Paper cutter depth adjustment technology, convenient and fast

how to buy a good laser engraver?

how to buy a good laser engraver? we hope this article can be helping more CO2 laser engraver cutter buyer to choose a good machine. CO2 laser engraver cutter on the market of products is very large, there is the whole imported machines ,there is China 's self-designed production machines ,domestic assembly of imported parts in the machine ,a professional engraving machine, marking a professional , a professional cutting machine , there are two or more functions of the machine who is , then how to buy it? 1 service: CO2 laser engraver cutter laser tube, reflective lenses are consumables, there is a certain life, after due for To replace .This requires manufacturers to provide a strong after-sales service guarantee , can provide these supplies timely. (2) Product Quality: Also is a CO2 laser engraver cutter, used parts is not the same , following are examples : a) stepper motor : relationship to CO2 laser engraver cutter engraving precision, some manufacturers chose import

cutter plotter problem and Repairing

cutter plotter problem and Repairing. follows are the different problem with cutting plotter and can not working to Repairing..... Q: In the moment 1CM the following small print plotter Why deformed ? A: The small print engraved spike compensation needs to be set in software . For example, in Wentai carving software : 1, click the " plotting output " plotting output picture will pop up ; 2 , click the "Settings" pop- carving machine settings screen ; 3 , click the " compensation settings " dialog pops up frame ; 4 , select " cusp compensation" required adjust the value to achieve the desired effect . Compensation values ​​between 0.1-0.7 , generally setting is 0.25. In addition, the cutting speed carving machine should be set to 20 words or less . Q: Why is the word engraved after cutting plotter will be more than a moment ? A: 1, first check whether the upper and lower blade is not flexible ; 2, if some words are not normal , replace the ca

Vinyl Cutting Plotter Low Cost Selling In Nigeria Africa

Vinyl Cutting Plotter Cost In Nigeria And Africa The Best Business In Africa Nigeria plotter machine vinyl cutter 800mm/s Cutting Speed Cutting Plotter . Each piece of machine we have strong package to protect machine in good condition. 1.We strive our best to provide you the most reliable, affordable way of shipping service. But sometimes international delivery is highly depended on the courier company and local customs/duties. If you do not receive your item on time, please contact us immediately for further assistance. Thank you for your understanding. 2.Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying. 3.For the bulk order,we will check for the best shipping way,as usually by sea,as usually,we will send out the goods after order placed. 1.Recommend you best cutting plotters with

Pcut CS630 Cutter Plotter Driver Manual

Donwload For Pcut CS630 Cutter Plotter Driver Manual. USB Driver And Completed DVD File Free Download Link is in End of this Page. Pcut CS630 Plotter performance characteristics Driver And User Manual. 1. The CS series Cutter Plotter is our company's flagship product, which provides powerful functions such as high precision, high speed, low noise, and strong knife pressure. 2. Detect mark points on the output digital image. 3. CS630 Plotter works independently from the computer. Support SD card mass storage of cutting documents, work independently from the computer. 4.This Cutter Plotter and steel claw shaft. Advanced smooth cutting function, finely crafted and meticulous steel claw shaft to ensure the accuracy of paper feeding, independent positioning and operation of the pinch roller. 5.CS630 Plotter adopts advanced control system. It adopts advanced ARM SOPC controller, high-performance intelligent subdivision drive and good performance SMD tantalum capacitors. Advanced and scie

Flatbed UV Printer Control Panel Guide

Flatbed UV Printer Control Panel Guide. How to setting the A2 UV flatbed printer on the printer countrol system. now we are tell you to follows all function Button function: 1.  PLATEN GAP This is means: print head to the materials distance. we suggest:you set as  “STANDARD” .  But : when printing , if the printed photo is not good quality , so you can choose  “WIDER”  Or ”NARROW”   (Note: when you power off and power on the printer, this set is automatic to be  “ STANDARD ” ) 2.  PAGE LINE IF IT IS ON : so printer will printing a line on your design photo edge,  ( we suggest set as  “ OFF ” 3.  INIT SETTNG IF YOU PRESS THIS , SO THE PRINTER WILL BE AUTOMATIC TO SET ALL BUTTON TO BE  “initialization”  as factory    4.  QUIET CUT Please set it as OFF 5.  AUTO CLEANING  This is for automatic to clear the head, please set it  “ ON ”  , so the printer will be automatic to clear head when the printer power on.  (Note: if you materials is small than 210mm , so pleas

4 Best Cheap Cost Cutter Plotter From China Supplier.

Four Best Cheap Cutter Plotter From China. Follows are List for Four Different Brand Cutter Plotter for you Vinyl Cutting Business.( Working Video ). (1) Pcut Cutter plotter . Best Feature in Pcut plotter: 1.Latest flagship model with USB Port.Serial Port.SD Card.Laserpoint. 2.Support SD Card which can save mass memory of cutting files,can work without computer. 3.With high precision,high speed,low noise,great power of blade holder. 4.With precise contour cutting which supported by Flexi software. Detect marker points on the output digital image to achieve the edge cutting 5.Blue backlit and silicone keypad. 6.Roller holder and steel rod. 7.Advance ARM SOPC Control system. 8.Paper feeding system,adjustable double-stick frame,easy loading of different types of media. (2)Liyu Cutter plotter. Best Feature in Liyu Plotter. 1. High quality Aluminum stands, more durable and Steady, high-grade. 2. Blue & Yellow backlight LCD, more clear and bright. 3. USB 2.0 interface, su

Best Dealer Contour Vinyl Cutter Plotter In South America

The Best Vinyl Cutting Plotter Dealer In South America The Best Distributors Free Shipping Adjustable Force & Speed 53-Inch Automatic Contour Vinyl Cutter Plotter Force & Speed Adjustable Sign Cutting Contour Cut In South America. South America All countries Free shipping This 53" Professional Vinyl Cutting Plotter. with floor stand comes with easy-to-use Design and SIGNMASTER software, which allows you to cut professional customized designs and signs with your cutting machines, giving you the ability to use your fonts, import custom artwork and draw your own shapes! How is this Professional Contour Vinyl Cutter Plotter In South America Sold? High Efficiency The maximum paper feed is 1350mm (53.1"), and the maximum cutting width is 1260mm (49.6"). With  cutting precision of +/-0.01mm (0.0004"), and paper feed precision of 10m (393.7"). ARM motherboard and stepper motors equipped, with 4M high speed cache memory, and DM/PL, HP/GL language. Auto-Contour C

How to Cut plotter paper with a machine?

automatic machine for cutting a plotter paper : 1 Acquire a plotter machine with an integrated cutter for the easiest, most accurate way to cut your plotter paper. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a machine that is capable of doing both straight and curved cuts. There are a variety of models, but the basic features are the same. 2 Look for a machine with adjustable cutting speed and pressure. Cutting plotters are controlled by software that will have options for setting your parameters. You can often change these settings during use to further fine-tune the cutting of your finished product. 3 Graph your drawing and enter the coordinates into the plotter machine. These coordinates are what the cutter will follow. It can be as simple as cutting off a straight section of the sheet, such as in blueprints, or as complicated as cutting out a clothing pattern. 4 Research manual types of cutters if you aren't ready for, or don't have the need for, a cutter plot

CutOk Cutter Plotter User Manual Download

User Manual Guide for CutOK mini Cutting plotter.   The Donwload Link is end of the post. Now we are saying about the Mini Cutter plotter CutOk Brand Features: The mini vinyl cutter placed on table, it can cut paper or plastic slice according to the pattern designed in computer; it has laser positioning device, which can accomplish cutting the outline sketch of the printed graphs.  It can cut vinyl, non-dried glue labels, card papers, and film papers. It is used to make paper models, joined graphs, stereo congratulation cards, and name cards, cartoon stamps, etc. It is delicate and cabinet, much appropriately used in stores, offices, schools and families, especially in Europe and America countries, many families buy it to help their children to enhance their intellectual faculties. CutOk Brand Mini A3 A4 Cutting PlotterTechnical Parameter: Cutok Plotter Max.Cutting Range (mm): 190x250mm. Material Width: A4 size. Net Weight: 4.5kg. Gross Weight: 5.0kg. Measurement (cm

What Are Difference Acrylic Cutter VS Laser Cutting Machine?

Acrylic Cutter VS Laser Machine. Acrylic Cutter are Belong Many Machines, Cnc Acylic Cutter, Laser Acrylic Cutter,Manual Acrylic Cutter. But If say Laser Cutting machine, So this is one machine , Laser Cutting machine can easy to Cut acrylic, Many Signs Shop Need Laser Cutting machine for Acrylic Letters. Laser Cutting machine Can be suitable to Cut Many Materials. Such As: Acrylic, Crytal, Glass, Leather, MDF, Paper, Plastic, Plexiglas, Plywood, Rubber, Wood, Other non-metal and all. 1. This Laser cutting machine 's size is 1300*900 mm 2. the working area is 1300*900 mm 3. it support Rapid cutting function for curved lines 4. Multi-file function,Soft ware CAD,CORELDRAW,PHOTOSHOP,ETC 5. This laser cutter machine is applied in craft and gifts,packaging and printing,stone,wood furniture,toys,electron,model,paper products,building decoration,etc 6. Double laser heads is optional  1. Rapid cutting function for curved lines:any curved line can be cut successively and rapidly;running pat

how to buy a good vinyl cutting plotter?

how to buy a good vinyl cutting plotter? let you know to buy a good vinyl cutting plotter. With the development of society , cutting plotter uses are generally expanding. Originally limited to the production of advertising and now cover more than a dozen industries electronic die-cutting , transportation, communication , molds, glass, ceramics , clothing, sandblasting , etc. By this can be seen cutting plotter contribution to society is still getting bigger , but with the needs of the community , the market plotter 's also an increasing number of brands and types , how to choose the right plotter you need? introduce the following select cutting plotter a few notes: 1.check cutter plotter accuracy. How to see the quality of the cutting plotter , cutting plotter first have to look at the accuracy of a simple paper does not go for the long side, engraved small print without distortion . Repeatability error of not more than 0.05 mm . Users noticed when it can be purchased . ma

MUTOH-8000 printer maintain and repairing

MUTOH-8000 printer maintain and repairing. do you have a MUTOH 8000 printer, if you have this printer,please read this article to let you know more information to operate the Mutoh 8000 printer. the MUTOH printer  break down and show  error message: 1 , when the printer runs out of ink prompts you for some time ( the machine will sound an alarm whistle , flute ~ ~ ~ ~ on the LCD screen and prompts Ink near and), should be promptly replaced. Information can also be understood ink (Ink stanus menu ) , when replacing the cartridge , the cartridge should be promptly removed after insertion of empty new ink cartridge from the machine's monitor to avoid ink flowing down the pipeline to generate the bubble , so the printer can not properly work, resulting in breakage and so on. 2 , a long time with an ink machine , when you need to replace another ink type, ink cleaning fluid corresponding menu operation according to the machine the machine ink supply system ( all the parts in contact

Pcut CS1200 Vinyl Plotter USB Driver and Manual

Pcut Plotter CS1200 Driver and Manual. USB Driver and User Manul For CS1200 Vinyl Plotter. CS1200 Vinyl Plotter Introduction.(And Donwload USB Driver And User Manual Link is on end of this article). Basic information of pickup CS series plotter: 1. The CS630 Pcut plotter can directly copy files to the SD card to work without a computer connection at all, so that one computer can control multiple plotters. 2. The new red light positioning function can realize the precise cutting of the outline of the ink-jet painted color pattern, which is convenient for cutting and unchanged. (Optional). 3. Advanced smooth cutting function, finely crafted and meticulous steel claw shaft to ensure the accuracy of paper feeding, independent positioning and operation of the pinch roller. 4. CS Plotter With The USB2.0/COM dual interface makes the transmission more convenient and supports various software connections. 5. The exquisite paper-bearing blue enables you to work relaxed and happy in a clean envir

Best China Factory for Printers

Best China Factory for Printers. China Best Supplier for Large format printer, sublimation printer, Uv printer, laser cutting engraving machine,Cnc machine, Metal marking machine. we are a directly exporting manufacturer for cnc router,large format printer,eco solvent outdoor printer,paper cutter,laser engraver,laser marker,laminating equipment,and all signs equipment and printing materials. Now has more than 4,000 yuan in fixed assets, covers an area of 500 square meters and currently employs more than 200 people, has the title of senior and mid-level engineers and technicians, in the production of equipment than 3,000 sets;  Company in May 2010 adopted the national security and 3C certification ISO9001international quality system certification. The company produces large format printer,Cnc router,Laser engraver,paper cutter and all signs equipment and printing materials, sold throughout the country at home and has a good reputation, and exports of South Korea, Turkey, South-East A

what are a indoor printers?

what are a indoor printers? large format indoor printer is mostly used on advertising printing,if you want running a advertising signs company , the large format indoor printer is the one of important machine in your business! introdution of indoor printing: products are widely used in advertising , large indoor mall decoration, advertising light boxes, wedding photography , posters, posters , displays paintings, engineering and landscape renderings , digital photo album , hanging pieces , gum trademarks, art pictures, antique painting , window advertising , etc. fields. 1, PP transport paper: what we called the posters, fine gum , high-precision , but behind the plastic surface does not own , customers can use double-sided adhesive tape on the wall , can be used repeatedly . 2, PP adhesive paper: PP film and the difference lies in its own plastic face , tearing back customers after the film posted on the wall . 3, photo paper: also known as posters, fine paper material, precisio

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