Its The Same Printer between a Sublimation and an eco solvent printer?

Sublimation Printer VS Eco solvent Printer.

Does are the same Printer Between between a Sublimation and an eco solvent Large format printer?

This is easy to know whether are same Between Two printer Sublimation and Eco solvent.

Firstly and important to know what is the printhead based on the printer.

If the printhead is Epson, So it can be sure this are the same printer.
But if printer printhead is not epson, so the printhead can not use these type of ink, so printer can not be same printer.
Sublimation VS Eco solvent
Now Let us to See This CY-1800 Epson XP600 DX5 DX7 Large format printer.

Our this printer based Epson head printing Eco solvent ink or Sublimation with high quality.

1. this machine is new type and high quality 6 lines with 4 colors. C m y k ,,Max 1440dpi.
2. Six and Eight color ink supply which outputs delicately and colorfully.
3.The upgraded version and advanced technologies in printer control system, movement system, auto clean&protect system and ink supply system.
4.Nice appearance, Simple structure design, convenient operation and easy maintaince.
5.Imported HIWIN linear rail and high quality motors, more stable,,and lower noise during printing.
6.All control boards carry high quality electronic components, with solid tantalum capacitances to extend the piezocrystal lifespan.
7.Printhead can be adjusted up and down for different thickness medias.
8.Control program is built in Maintop RIP software, more easy operation and high compatibility.
9.Error code hints system tells you where the problem is.
10. With USB plug and play transmission interface, Speed up to 480M/s, it can support network interface and you also can print in a differenct place.

Welcome to Comment to us If any Viewer has any other Consideration.


Asia Printing said…
As I know that Epson DX5 DX7 Head can be for both Sublimation And Eco-solvent, So that is one Printer. But do you know XP600 Head large format printer, does the XP600 Can be for both Sublimation and Eco-solvent Printing?
Mr Jeff Tan said…
Yes, If The Printer head is Epson Printhead, so it can be for both Sublimation And Eco-solvent.

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