how to Configure IP Address With Large Format Printer?

Many large format Printers, DX5 DX7 XP600 Head Printer, and Eco solvent Printers use the network port computer connection method to connect to the computer through the network cable, which increases the convenience of use. 

The following is about the setting method of your printer IP address.

Printer IP Address
The factory default IP address of Epson DX5 DX7 Head Printer and All large format printer is:, which can be checked through the printer display panel.

   The local connection IP address of the computer network card is set to: The setting method is as follows:

Windows XP operating system setting method: Right-click on the desktop "Network Neighborhood", open the "Properties" window, pop up the "Network Connections" window, find the "Local Connection" icon on the right side of the window (If a computer with multiple network cards may appear local connection 1 or 2 Display name), double-click "Local Area Connection" to open the window, find "Properties" at the bottom left of the "General" tab and click Open. In the drop-down list box in the middle of the "Local Area Connection" properties window, find "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) )" option double-click to open, select "Use the following IP address (S):" in the "General" option, enter, subnet mask: in the IP address field, and click "OK" to save and Exit to complete the IP setting.

   The setting method of Win7 operating system is similar to that of XP system, the method is:

   1. Open the control panel -> Network and Sharing Center -> change adapter settings

  2. Right-click on "Local Network"——>Properties

  3. Click "internet protocol version 4 (tcp/ipv4)" in the opened window -> Properties

   4. Click "Use the following IP address" in the opened window, and then fill in your IP address:, subnet mask:

   5. OK——>OK——>ok

And To learn more you can refer the video to step by step to do.

After filling in the IP address, open the "calibration tool", click the "online" button in the upper right corner, if the connection is completed, the lower right corner of the calibration tool will display "online normal", then you can complete Epson DX5 DX7 Head Printer and All large Format printer network connection operation.  
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