How to work with a Six Color T-shirt Screen Printer?

T-shirt Printing Operation and Introduction.

What kind of machine is good for Tshirt Fabirc Printing? Or what printing Sublimation should be used for printing clothes? These two issues have always been the most concern for apparel printers. For example, T-shirts have relatively good light transmittance. If the wrong pigments are used, they will easily penetrate into the fabric, resulting in undesirable phenomena such as pattern deformation or blooming and blurring. With Screen printing machines, it is difficult to guarantee the original effect of the pattern. So how can we avoid this phenomenon,Here is the T-shirt Screen Printing Machine Operation Video
T-shirt Printing

If you use a screen printing machine to print the material of the fabric, there will be no deformation, blurring, etc., and the effect will be better than you expected. The screen printing machine is printed on the product through the medium of screen printing, which is difficult to cause the product Deformation or blooming of the pattern, etc. If the pattern you want is a three-dimensional effect, such as a raised pattern, then when you make the screen plate, you can brush the photosensitive rubber thicker, so that the effect appears , It is best to use a screen printing machine to print clothing, which has a lower cost and saves economic costs and labor.

When it comes to printing clothing fabrics, I have to say that the Sublimation used in printing are generally better with ink, but because the smell of ink is more pungent and difficult to remove on clothes, it is generally printed Use glue for clothes M


Anonymous said…
What is ink for this Six Color T-shirt Screen Printer Use?
Mr Jeff Tan said…
it is use Screen Printing Ink

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