The Best Guides And Learns For Cnc Router Cutting Bits?

Guide: How to choose cnc router Cutting Bits.

There are some tips to you learn and Guide you to work with good Cnc Bit Cutting Tool.(Here is the video show what kinds of cnc bit you should to choose).
Cnc Bits
Every user who uses Cnc Router must understand and master the relevant knowledge of cnc mahcine Bits tools. Here is a brief introduction to commonly used Bits tools. For more detailed usage and selection, please consult a professional tool dealer.

1. The best cnc bits for Acrylic cutting processing. single-edged spiral milling cutter is recommended. It is characterized by smokeless and odorless processing, fast speed, high efficiency, no sticking to the knife, smooth surface, of course, if it is acrylic sheet, use double-edged milling Knives or column knives can also be used,

2. The High Quality Cnc Bits For aluminum plate cutting. it is recommended to use a single-edged special aluminum milling cutter, which does not stick to the cutter during the processing process, which is fast and efficient. The cutting surface requirements are not high or the aluminum hardness is high, and double-edged metal milling cutters can also be used.

3. For precision relief processing of non-metallic materials, a round bottom cutter is recommended.

4. Other Cnc Bits For Cork, MDF, virgin wood, PVC, acrylic large-scale relief processing, single-edged or double-edged spiral milling cutter is recommended.

5. If you use the cnc bits for metal engraving.So use special tungsten steel coated single-edged or double-edged milling cutters and special flat-bottomed sharp knives.

6. ​​It is recommended to use straight groove milling cutters for density board, solid wood, multi-layer boards, and splints, or double-edged large row milling cutters.

7. Tungsten steel milling cutter should be used for metal mold processing, and the surface is plated with purple black and hard titanium.

8. Other Cnc Bits for carving Stone, so you should be used for jade or stone carving.


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