Detailed What Are I3200-A1 I3200-U1 I3200-E1 Print Head?

With The Near more 10 years gradual development of Epson print head sales in the Chinese market, we discovery that Epson print heads have provided 10 original print heads for the Chinese market.

Learn Skills Details For I3200-A1 I3200-U1 I3200-E1Epson Printhead.

Do you know What are these Printhead, How to choose these Print head?
I3200 Printhead
In the I3200 series,

I: represents Innovate’s innovative and new technical architecture;

3200 represents: the number of nozzles is 3200;

I3200-A1: represents Aqueous, compatible With Water Based ink, With 1st

I3200-E1: represents Eco-solvent, compatible With Eco solvent ink, With 1st

I3200-U1: represents UV, compatible With UV ink ,1St

These all are Different for Digital Printers Between A1,E1,U1.

From the above data, we can see that the two print heads (Epson I3200-U1 and I3200-E1) Nozzle are mostly the same, with the same quality (normal weight), the same accuracy, and the same ignition frequency. There are two differences, But different to ink ( UV Ink or Water based ink)

1. The ink droplet size is slightly different between single dot and multiple dots. UV ink droplets are about 1 pl smaller than weak solvent ink droplets. But whether this difference is eliminated or magnified when we cooperate with the ink, board, and ink circuit system, depends on the test situation in the actual cooperation;

2. Although the difference in viscosity value is not very large, there is no intersection in the middle. The viscosity value of UV is 5~7 mPa·s, while the weak solvent is 3~4 mPa·s; for UV ink, it must be heated to about 45℃ to reach the viscosity characteristic of about 7 mPa·s, and it is dynamic ; But the eco-solvent ink has a viscosity of about 4 mPa·s at about 25°C.  

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Anonymous said…
Thank you for these infos
Mr Jeff Tan said…
Welcome to learn all technical information from our this side
Unknown said…
whats the life of i3200-A1 and S3200-A1 printheads?
Anonymous said…
I3200 S3200 Printhead working Lifespan is same Near Epson DX5 DX7 Head

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