The Best method To Make Acrylic display Stand For Signs Shop?

Acrylic display rack products are a kind of acrylic display rack products made by designing and processing acrylic materials. 

There are five methods in the processing of general acrylic display racks. 

Let's understand the characteristics of the next five processes.

Acrylic Display

1. Heat simmering method To Make Acrylic Display: 

The designer first designs the model through the display rack, cuts it to a certain shape with a machine, heats the acrylic with a mold, and quickly nests and kneads it by hand. This method requires a lot of personnel, and must have the same look when the product is finalized in the mind, be agile, and do it in one go. The crafts made by this method have the advantages of bold lines and simple images.

2. Hot pressing method Make Acrylic Display.

After heating the acrylic sheet with a mold, it is hot pressed in the mold. The handicraft made by this modeling method has the characteristics of full body, smooth curve, strong three-dimensional effect, and has the effect of relief. The hot pressing mold can be shaped with wood and sludge, and then cast lead and gypsum materials are used as the male and female molds. The organic glass can be pressed after heating.

3. Mosaic method Make Acrylic Display.

Cut acrylic products of different colors into geometric shapes as needed, and inlay and splice them on the bottom plate. This method requires rigorous splicing, and we can argue that it can receive a strong, but seamless effect.

4. Pasting method:
After cutting the acrylic into a certain shape, paste it on the plane.

5. Break grinding method:
overlap and paste the plate-shaped plexiglass together, and then directly shave the section to form. Acrylic handicrafts made by this method can have a variety of colors and natural effects.


To Read More about Acrylic Processing Machine and understand all steps to make All DIY Acrylics.

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Anonymous said…
Very good.You made this Acrylic display By Laser cutting machine, Right?
Anonymous said…
Yes , you can make use CO2 Laser cutter to make this Acrylic Display.

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