China High Quality DTG Tshirt Printer without Clog head.

High Quality DTG T-shirt printer.

The T-shirt printer, also called a flatbed printer, can print the desired pattern on the T-shirt, and the consumables use special ink for prevention and treatment. Epson's A3 format machine is the most used now.
DTG T-shirt Printer

After years of development, the technology of the T-shirt printer has been very mature. This is completely assured. After inkjet printing and pressing, it is integrated with the clothing, washing resistance, high temperature resistance, and reaching level 4 of the national standard. So The color fastness can be completely assured!(Here is Also DTG T-shirt Printer Printing Video)

What is the working principle of a DTG garment T-shirt printer?

Any pattern can be directly inkjet printed on clothing T-shirts or fabrics. The inkjet printing method used by clothing T-shirt printers. The problem that can be solved by radical silk printing and thermal transfer is realized. The accuracy of the printed image is higher than that of radical silk printing. , And there is no such a sense of glue of the radical silk screen, which is more high-end and high-end!

Will this inkjet printing method penetrate DTG Printer ink?

This is totally impossible. The DTG printer ink point is 3.5P, which is very, very subtle, sprayed on the appearance of the clothing like a fog, so as to realize its image. Here is a picture of the front and back of a clothing T-shirt, which can be better The image is displayed intuitively!


Anonymous said…
What is this DTG Printer Printhead, Does this DTG Printer can print The Black T-shirt?
Mr Jeff Tan said…
This DTG Printer is based on Epson Printhead, It can Support white ink printing , so it will be easy to print black t-shirt.

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