How To Choose Best aluminum plastic panel Sheets?

What Are The Best Quality aluminum plastic panel Sheets?How To choose it, How many Different Type of aluminum plastic panel Sheets In The Market?

How to Choose decorative material, aluminum-plastic composite panel.

is a composite material made of chemically-treated coated aluminum panel as the surface material and processed on special aluminum-plastic panel production equipment. It is composed of two materials (metal and non-metal) with completely different properties, and it retains the main characteristics of the original constituent materials (metal aluminum, non-metal polyethylene plastic).
aluminum plastic panel

There are many varieties of aluminum-plastic panels, and they are a new type of material, so there is no unified classification method so far. They are usually classified according to product functions, surface decoration effects and uses.

1. To Classified All aluminum plastic panels:

(1) Fireproof board: select flame-retardant core material, and the combustion performance of the product reaches the flame-retardant grade (B1 grade) or non-combustible grade (A grade).

(2) Antibacterial and mildew-proof aluminum-plastic panel: Coating with antibacterial and sterilizing effect on the aluminum-plastic panel.

(3) Antistatic aluminum-plastic panel: The aluminum-plastic panel is coated with antistatic paint, so it is not easy to generate static electricity, and dust in the air is not easy to adhere to its surface. 

Difference aluminum plastic panel

2. How to Cut aluminum plastic panel Sheets? 

Cnc Router Machine is Very Suitable For Cutting All Type Of aluminum plastic panel.
Design any Cutting Draws on Computer, Direct cutting with High speed.


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