how to Prevent Printhead Clogs If no work with UV Printer

As EveryOne Know the Same Thing: UV Printer is need to Printing Everyday,If you stock Printer and No Work More than 2 Days , So suddenly you will face The Problem with no Full Color Printing, Because Printhead nozzle Has Clogged. 

How to Protect the Printhead without Clogs If you will be Holiday No Work?

Now We are Telling you Follows method To Fix The Question If you will be Holiday, Or weekend , How you Prevent Printhead Block Problems.

The Firstly : You need to Take Out Dampers From Your UV Printer Printhead. 

Also Use A Stick to Block The Damper Hole. (See As The Picture)
UV Printer Dampers

Then You can Click Printer Software "Cleanning" Button To Make Cleaning for your printhead.
Or you can Use Inkjector to Suck "Printer back side this Wast ink pipe".
Why you Need to do it?  Because let printhead inside ink out. (Don't Stock Ink to Printhead inside) 

The Secondly: You need to Close Ink tank Holes. (See Picture)

(Why? Because Ink Pipes Has Ink,  close this Hole , So it will no let air come to Ink pipe,  so Ink pipe inside ink will be not clog after you holiday or weekend) 

The thirdly : Please Take 1-2mL UV Ink Clean Liquid To Ink Cap.

this is our suggestion, If you Don't Have Clean Liquid, So you are no need to do it.
UV Printer Ink cap
But Keep sure that it is only use special UV ink Clean Liquid, Don't Use Water, Don't Use alcohol)
The finally:  you can Go your Holiday , Or Join your weekend. 
After New Week, Or after you finish your holiday .
when you start to Use UV printer to Printing . So you can connect above Three thing back .
1.  Open Ink tank Smaller Holes
2.  Connect All Damper To Printhead 
3.  Click Printer Software "Cleaning Head", Or Use Inkjector to Suck Printer back side this "Wast ink Pipe" , Let Printhead come new ink.
So that it is as a new printhead , and Print Printhead Nozzle Check, If Printer Nozzle Line all Out,  So OK you will Printing Perfect Full Color Images.


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