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Operation Guide For A3 Hot Laminator 360 480

Get The Best Guide To New User to Operate our 360 480 Hot laminator, Learn It How to Install, How To Maintenance? Operating Instructions For Our 360 480 Digital Hot Laminator. Install Laminating Films: Our This Laminator Can Laminate Double Side Photos, please make sure your Laminating File is installed Correct With "Reverse Side"And "Front Side" . Instructions For This Hot Laminator Control Panel: There are Many Buttons on Our 360 480 Hot Laminator: Please refer above picture to know What are these Buttons Function. Try to laminate photos By this 360 480 Hot laminator: 1. Install Two "Laminating File" To This Laminator 2. Connect This Laminator Power Cable Switch scheduled temperature To be 60 (No bigger 90 temperature) 3. waiting for temperature come to be 60. When the temperature is stable 4. So you can put Photo paper to the machine and start to laminating. matter Attention When you work with this Laminator. 1. please don't Set temperature to be h

How to choose Cold Hot laminator

How to choose Cold Hot laminator? which one cold laminator are your correct in your business!( All Cold Laminator Working video ). this question which all first buyer wondering. now we are telling about this question. 1. firstly you must need to know what is cold hot laminator , and why you need it : Sign Makers use wide format printers from manufacturers including Roland, Mimaki, HP, Epson and Canon. They can be used to print all sorts of large graphics, including posters, signage, roll-up banners and window graphics. Many companies are now diversifying into more areas of wide and grand format, including pop-up displays, exhibition & trade show graphics and vehicle wraps for cars, motor bikes, buses & even planes! These still prints need protecting however. Lamination provides protection so they become weather resistant from the rain and sun. A laminated print will also save the customer money, as materials can be re-used and valuable graphics are protected and signs &am

Hot laminating machine user manual.

Hot Laminating machine Troubleshooting user manual. 1. Motor rotation, but not heated. Usually relay failure, by measuring the voltage across RL can determine whether the 220V. If no voltage or voltage is too low, indicating that the relay does not pull or pull poor, mostly for relay contacts K damaged or ablation, replace or remove the sand light relay contacts. 2. Not heated. Since the thermistor is in contact with the surface of the finale, with the finale of the rotating friction, over time will fall off, loose or damaged, should be re-fixed back in place and make good contact with the finale of the surface. If damaged, replace the thermistor. 3. Big noise. Due to long-term high temperature machine, the drive gear lubricant easily dried, resulting in large noise. After re-oiling, you can troubleshoot. Laminator Use (1) the power: plug in the power cord, the switches are placed in the "clockwise" "seal plastic" position, turn on the power switch. (2) set

China Manufacturer Hot Sale For 1.6M Cold Laminator.

Top Quality 1.6m Manual Cold Laminator. Our this cold laminator with bracket is supported by double pole bracket, the structure is more stable! Photo machine supporting equipment TS1600/1300 cold laminator Working characteristics and working video for this TS1600 Manual Cold Laminator : The cold laminating machine adopts a cold pressing process to mount the cold laminating film on the surface of the picture, so that the picture has anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet light erosion, can keep it fresh, does not fade, does not yellow, and can make the picture live forever The strong three-dimensional sense enhances the artistic appeal of the picture. It is widely used in the mounting work of modern wedding dresses, art photography, computer inkjet, calligraphy and painting, posters, advertising pictures, and documents. Cold laminator is the post process of picture production and processing, and cold laminator is an ideal tool to complete this process. 2. Use specifications: ◆Max

Africa Nigeria Store Selling Cold Hot Laminator Free Shipping.

Free Shipping Cold Hot Laminator In Nigeria Africa Low Price Africa Nigeria Kenya Sale Cold Hot Laminator In All Africa Market. What are Cold Hot Laminator Business Job? What You Can Make With A Cold Hot Laminating machine Each machine is provided with a pallet available for 1,1.5 and 3 paper elements, easy for using various popular pre-glued laminating films on the market. Apply to the short version of the text covering printing, Protection experts of Book File/ engineering drawings \ digital photos. The equipment looks nice in appearance, functions and practical, two-sided single both hot and cold can be covered. 1.Low cost,simple construction, easy operation; 2.Adjustable roller position suitable for various material thickness; 3·Soft rubber rollers, smooth surface make film get through without wrinkle and departure; 4.Fold-up table for easy storage; 5.Durable structure; 6.Four mats for durable usage; 7.Perfect quality,tested strictly before shipping. Different Models 360 480 650 16

Best Small Digital Photo Laminator For Photo Gallery Shop.

The Best Cheapest Photo Laminator. Best Price Supply Digital 360 Anti-roll Film Laminator, Cover Laminator, Color Page Hot Laminator. Why you need to Laminate the Printhead Photo? Because Laminating Can Protect The Photo colors. If you have laminate your Photo, So the color will keep long time durable. 360 Digital Cold Hot laminator Product description: ◆ Professional multi-functional laminating machine, which can do various work such as thermoplastic, cold laminating, low-temperature cold laminating, heat laminating, etc., suitable for graphic mounting and binding cover mounting; ◆ Unilateral adjustment of the pressure and height of the rubber roller as a whole; internal heating type double roller heating, intelligent constant temperature; ◆ Light touch operation buttons, free temperature setting, 9-speed speed regulation, LED digital display; ◆ Increase the upper and lower roll film support, can install large roll hot film  

How to Get a Chinese Cheapest manual Cold laminator?

Cheap Manual Cold Laminator 650 1000 1300 1600mm good quality, easy to use , CY- Manual Cold laminator 350mm 650mm 750mm 1000mm 1300mm!  How we will choose These Manual Cold laminator From Cheapest China Factory? ( Here is the Video For These Manual Cold Laminator Introduction ). different size is one of important thing for you make a decision to Buy. 27.55 Inch, 700Mm Width Single Side Manual Cold Laminating Machine. Quick Details Type: Manual Cold Laminator   Paper Size: A3, A4, A5, A6 Brand Name: CrossWay Industry Model Number: CY350mm 650mm 750mm 1000mm 1300mm Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China Max laminating width:350mm 650mm 750mm 1000mm 1300mm Max laminating thickness: 25mm, 1" Quantity of silicone rubber rollers: 2 pcs with diameter of 65mm. Packing: Standard export paper carton Key word: cold laminating machine Port: Guangzhou Seaport packing: Plywood box

Best Hot laminator For Wood Plastic Aluminum Glass

What Laminator is best for Wood Plastic Glass Laminating. Flatbed Hot laminator is A good Machine to make a Surface protection film for sheets, glass, profiles, acrylic, wooden doors,Plastic,etc. Laminating On Glass will be Automatic filming can be switched at any time, easy to use; Laminating On Plastic With Original anti-wrinkle device to increase the rate of finished film; Laminating On Aluminum Steples speed regulation function; With reverse function; Adopt foot control and automatic laminating methods; Only one person is required to operate, reducing labor costs; High filming efficiency and high yield, the whole roll of 50m film does not go slanting.( Here is the best Hot Laminator to Laminte Wood glass plastic video ) . This type of Wood Plastic Glass laminating machine is widely used in photo agencies, printing plants, advertising, design and self-adhesive fields, with low investment, obvious effects, and pollution-free consumables. It is a green product with great market potent

What is The Top Quality Roll To Roll Hot laminator 1.6m?

The Best Roll To Roll Hot Laminator. Automatic Cold Hot Laminating machine CY-1600 Model has follows Top Advantage: High-speed continuous laminating, film can be pressed 0.7-0.8 meters per minute. It is suitable for business card laminating, recipe laminating, photo laminating and graphic printing laminating, especially some small printing factories, type printing shops, business card making agencies and photo studios.( Here is also the video to show you the best 1.6M Roller Hot laminator Works ). Detailed Roll To Roll Hot laminator Description: 1. The base, wall panels, etc. are constructed of cast iron, which will never be deformed to ensure that their accuracy will not be affected during use and maintenance and replacement of parts. 2. The gluing roller and the gluing roller are made with precision, and the concentricity error of the roller surface is controlled within 0.01mm to ensure uniform gluing and save the amount of glue. 3. The hot composite steel roller is treated with prec

cold laminator user manual.

follows is information of cold laminator user manual. cold Laminating machine is used cold process, the cold laminating film surface mounted installation with pictures , make pictures with corrosion, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet light erosion, can remain fresh , do not fade , non-yellowing , but will also make the picture longevity strong three-dimensional , improve picture artistic appeal. Widely used in modern wedding , art photography , computer printing and paintings, posters, advertising pictures, mounted equipment working document data. Laminating is an ideal tool for image processing post- production process , cold laminating machine is to complete this process . 1, using the specification: ( 2 ) Maximum Frame format : 1300mm, 1600mm; ( 3 ) framed by the length : not limited ; ( 4 ) Maximum mounting thickness : 10mm ( common type ) ; ( 5 ) The machine is hand-cranked cold laminating , no power . Mounting pressure regulator : The machine can adjust the mounting pressure

Easy to Make A laminating Film to aluminium Acrylic Glass!

The Best Laminating Machine For Aluminum Glass Acrylic. CY700-Digital Flatbed Hot laminator is easy and Suitable for Laminating wood,acrylic,Plastic,Aluminum sheet.strong and marbles. In 2021, the new film will add a variable speed motor and a positioner to improve the efficiency of the film. And Completed Laminating Glass aluminium Video At here aluminium Acrylic Glass Hot Laminator parameters: Input voltage: 220v Frequency: 50HZ Motor power: 0.55kw Heating wire power: 1kw Total installed power capacity: 2kw Laminating width: 1350 to 850mm (1 meter and 1.35 meter laminating machine to be customized) Film thickness: 1 to 22mm Laminating temperature: adjustable Roller size: Φ40mm Number of rollers: 7 Rubber roller: The upper rubber roller is a silicone roller with a diameter of Φ100mm. Compared with the old model, the temperature of the rubber roller is upgraded to a high temperature resistance of 300°C, and the small rubber roller is a rubber roller with a diameter of Φ100mm. Pneumatic

Best Brand Automatic Hot laminating machine

Best Brand Automatic Hot laminating machine. Best Brand Automatic  Hot laminating machine Effects Features: 1. The Hot Laminator covered in the picture, so to improve the image of strength and wear resistance of the surface. 2 picture with the outside air to prevent atmospheric corrosion corrosive gases, moisture, fade deformation and cracking, erosion and ultraviolet radiation caused by dryness and discoloration caused, enduring images remain bright color screen, Photo Gallery prolong life. 3 pictures posted on the panels or cloth surface to produce advertising screens can be hung. 4. The special mask or cover sheet pressed on the picture to form a screen with light, matte, canvas, virtual, three-dimensional and other special artistic effects. Hot lamination machine principle:  Coming hot film heated to a certain temperature (about 100-120 ° C), when rotated by the method of mounting the rubber roller! Can be divided into single-sided and double-sided heat-mounted heat-mounted,

What is Cold Laminating Equipment ?

What is Cold Laminating Equipment ? Cold laminating Equipment, also called cold laminating film machine,or laminating machine which is a pictorial advertising post-production indispensable auxiliary equipment. The main component is down two rubber rollers. Laminating machine has Two of classifications : Laminating machine is a new advertising screen coating machinery, all kinds of screen printing, advertising banner, printed matter, photographs, banners, awards, certificates, pictures, etc. Laminating film processing by machine processing, in surface of the article to form a film, Laminating machine is a new advertising and photo film processing equipment, advertising products on the screen is covered with a layer of film to protect pictures, images texture enhancement effect. You can say this is the advertising picture post-production process in the most critical one. Current or photographs to film in many ways, the most commonly used technique is the use of cold laminating film.

how to buy a good hot laminator?

how to buy a good hot laminator? cold hot laminating machine attributed to paper manufacturing machinery category , for the two pieces of paper together, put wall paper laminating machine , it is by feeder organizations, organizations and pressure laminating paper tissue. On the feed side by side the two organizations limelight , provided with a central positioning in the laminating tissue organization , the organization is divided into two laminating paper feed path , the two side laminating organization is provided with wing spring , the center positioning the organization is positioning guide blocks from the center and lift organizations , the utility model layout simple. Progress produced power , not the same as the size of the paper used to demand a no constraints on the size of the paper , single-and double -sheet  laminating machine can transform. Quality laminating machine will directly affect the progress of the print job , so buy laminating machine is to pay atte

China The best Plastic Glass Hot laminating machine

China Best Plastic Glass Laminating Machine There are laminating machines for printing, photos, advertisements, etc., and for producing paint-free doors and furniture. Our vacuum laminating machine, but which is best for flat glass, plastic, and wood laminating. The best Plastic Glass Hot laminating machine has a wide range of applications, and can be widely used in printing pictures, car stickers, color film films, glass plates, crystal steel doors, cabinet doors and other flat materials. Specific use There are instructions and operation videos Here. To Direct Laminate on Plastic sheet. As this Hot laminating machine is work with flatbed,so it has the table to rolling the plastic sheet when laminating.  To Direct Laminate on Glass Surface. This flatbed Hot laminator is better to laminate on all Glass Door. For example, the hotel’s bath glass door, because of the fear of glass cuts, all need this kind of equipment to cover the glass with a layer of film, but the damage of the protectiv

Rolls Cold laminating film For Indoor photo

Rolls Cold laminating film With Reasonable Price: Cold Laminating Film Description:           Cold laminating film use silicon paper as the release paper, and the transparent pvc  as the surface  processing by back adhesive glue , according to the membrane surface it can be divided into these  different kinds of protect protective film as glossy film, matte film, stars magic film, laser film and  some special texture, a large nunmber of using film is gloosy and matte in the production of advertiing. Laminating FilmDetail information   Face finishing glossy / matte / polish As Optional For The Cold Laminator                                       Film weight common sizes: 80/100/120/140micro      offer OEM Release paper weight common sizes: 100/120/140/160/180gsm        offer OEM Width 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52m Length 50/100m Usage as protective film decoration Sales unit sq/m Price factory price Durability  3~5 years  Supply ability 100000rolls/month Optional

Maintenance of automatic Cold Hot laminating machine

Maintenance For Laminating Machine. It has been widely used, how to maintain a good laminating machine become the main theme.  Here is how the author describes the maintenance of good laminating machine   1.  Regularly check the site laminating machine parts, open whether it is damaged, replace immediately if damaged new. 2  runoff for flower seeds planter adjustment (1) ridge-shaped ridge height adjustment Adjustment ①: When building soil shovel down, increase the height of the ridge, but raised to the corresponding upper limit should be sown and deep drum opener parts when building raised shovel of soil can reduce the height of the ridge, while seeding opener and should be limited accordingly adjusted downwards too deep drum parts.   3.  Reasonable rules operate in accordance with the instructions, prohibit all improper operation. A  good automatic thermal film laminating machine, bronzing indentation practices do not only require maintenance are equally important, I hope you

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