What Are Novajet Printer printable Paper Materials?

If you have a Novajet 750 Printer, What Printing Materials You can choose?

What Paper Materials Can be compatible For Indoor Novajet Printer?

Printable Materials
As The Indoor Signs, It is means that banners, vinyls is not water proof, better to be the indoor shop. 

There are many types of indoor advertising materials, but the important point is that their inks are all water-based. They cannot be placed outdoors but can only be placed indoors. Here we give examples of various indoor water-based advertising materials for various NOVAJET 750 printers. 

1. Water Proof PP paper For Novajet 750 Printer

(That is what we commonly call posters, exquisite glue quality, high precision, but there is no self-contained glue surface at the back, customers can use double-sided tape to stick on the wall, which can be used multiple times) 

2. Photo Paper For Novajet Printable Meterials

(Also commonly known as posters, exquisite photo paper, high precision, no glue surface) 

3. Backlet Film For Novajet Printer Printable Meterials

This is mainly used for the display of various light box advertisements. It can be mirrored and placed in the light box to display a very beautiful light box advertisement 

4. Canvas For Novajet Printer Media 

(Used for more romantic and elegant exhibition venues, with a certain texture of oil painting, can be used for wedding photography, etc.)  

In the finally:

Novajet 750 printer can basically print the same materials as HP, Canon, and large-format printers. The main point is that this is used for water-based inks, because Novajet printers can only be used for water-based inks, so when buying printing materials Be sure to make sure that these materials are water-based ink, that's fine 

Above Refer Details are for two machine , One is novajet 750 printer printing , Other one is 1.8m epson printhead eco solvent printer.


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