Deep Engraver 20w VS 50w Fiber Laser Marking Machine 30W.

How Is Deep Engraving 50W Fiber Laser Machine?

The fiber laser marking machine has 10 watts (W), 20 watts, 30 watts, and 50 watts. The price of different powers is different. The higher the power, the higher the price. Let's explain it to you in the following editor of Reed Laser. What is the difference between the commonly used models, the fiber laser marking machine chooses 20W or 50W?
50W High Power Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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The appearance of the machine cannot be seen. What is the difference between the machines, just look at the laser of the machine, then the difference of 10w/20w/30w/50w fiber laser marking machine is that the price is different due to the different power, so The difference in power is:

50W Fiber Laser Marking Machine is relatively large. It can hit deeper and faster with the same Metal material.

   The power of 20W is relatively small. It is lighter and slower under the same material.

To distinguish from the power, 20W is greater than 10W, 30W is greater than 20W, and so on. The power here refers to the average high output power of the laser. You can choose the appropriate power according to your own product. In terms of energy saving and cost, it is on the premise of meeting efficiency. When using low power, use low power rate as much as possible.

The laser peak of the 20W fiber marking machine is higher, and the use of the masking surface will be wider than that of the 10W fiber marking machine. In addition to the ultra-fine processing, the 20W fiber marking machine has been recognized by most processing manufacturers in terms of application surface and efficiency. The 20W marking speed is also faster than that of the 10W fiber marking machine, with a selection rate of over 60%.

   As for the 30W optical fiber marking machine and even the 50W optical fiber marking machine, only some special products are used, such as deep engraving, deep ink stripping, small cutting, etc., because of its higher price and lower selection rate.

   Generally speaking, if the company has fewer marking products and only does cosmetic effects, it is enough to purchase a 10W optical fiber marking machine. The two words are cost-effective. If it is a processing user, of course efficiency is the priority, and 20W fiber laser marking machine equipment is recommended.


Anonymous said…
For the stainless steel,How Many Thickness Can Be Engraved with 20W. and How many Thickness can be Engraved with a 50w Fiber laser marking machine?
Mr Jeff Tan said…
If you choose a 20W Fiber laser engraving machine, so you can engrave about 1mm Deep on Stainless steel. If you choose 50W, It would be engraved about 2-2.5mm Deep.

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