Compared With 60w VS 80w VS 130w CO2 Laser Power?

If you Choose A CO2 Laser Cutting Machine.How you know Skills To Choose Different Laser Tube Power Between 60w 80w 100w 150w ?

Compare Different CO2 Laser Power 60w 80w 130w?

Laser Tube

What is CO2 Laser Tube Power In your Machine?

CO2 Laser Tube is a gas laser tube that uses CO2 gas as du working material. The discharge tube is usually made of glass or quartz material, filled with CO2 gas and other auxiliary gases (mainly helium and nitrogen, and usually a small amount of hydrogen or xenon)

the electrode is generally a hollow cylinder made of nickel; resonant cavity One end is a gold-plated total reflection mirror, and the other end is a partial reflection mirror polished with germanium or gallium arsenide. When a high voltage (usually DC or low-frequency AC) is applied to the electrode, a glow discharge is generated in the discharge tube.

and there is a laser output at one end of the germanium mirror, and its wavelength is in the mid-infrared band near 10.6 microns; generally a better tube . A discharge area of about one meter long can obtain a continuous output power of 60 to 150 watts. CO2 laser is a relatively important gas laser.

Also There are has Best article To Let you know how to Protect Your Laser Tube working Lifespam.

If Compared With Laser Tube Power 60w VS 80w?

There are Based What is your laser machine, 60w Tube Power is less than 80w.  and Most machine is based on 6040 Laser machine or 6090 Laser Machine!

If you Compared With Laser Tube Power 80W VS 150W

most laser machine based high technology syste. power board is also high price, and 150W laser tube can cut materials 15-20mm In once Time.

The Finally:

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