What Are Best Acrylic For LED Signage

The Top Tips To Know How to Choose Best Acrylic For Advertising LED Signage,Light box ,Signs Board And Acrylic Letters.

What Are The best Acrylic you should be buying for your Signage.

The First thing is The Acrylic Collors ( Whether is durable For Advertising Led Sinage ,Light Box) 
Best Acrylic

2. The Acrylic light transmittance Whether is Strong?

The acrylic sheet used in the advertising industry has extremely good light transmittance. With the built-in light source, the brightness at night is uniform and soft. Compared with neon lights, the acrylic mirror letters are luminous as a whole, unlike neon lights, which have lines that emit light and are softer than neon lights. 

Signage Acrylic

3. Built-in light source.

No external wiring, not easy to damage. First of all, there is no external wiring, which solves the problem of unsightly appearance of neon wiring. It also solves the problems of the line and light source being exposed to the air, which are easy to short-circuit and spark. Moreover, due to the good sealing performance of acrylic, the problem of not being able to turn on the light in rainy weather is solved, so it can be used as usual in rainy and snowy weather.
Acrylic Signage Letter and light boxes have good consistency. Acrylic
Signage Letter and light box molding are thermoforming. After heating the acrylic board, it is formed by compression molding or blister molding through various molds.  

4. The Best Machine For Acrylic Cutting You need to think.

Now For Acrylic Cutting,  There are has Two machine, One is Cnc Routers For Acrylic Cutting

And The Other Is Cnc Router For CO2 Laser Cutting

In Finally Acrylic Sheets 

Are Suitable For many Industry. And Are also Advertising Signage is main materials In the market.


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