The Best Effect method To Clean Epson Print head

How To Clean Epson Printhead If Nozzle Clogged, There are The Best Method To Clean All Epson Print head Nozzles.
Every user of Large format Printer Or UV Printers may operate the nozzle cleaning, but do you know the specific steps and methods? The following is a brief introduction by the manufacturers of China Large format Printer and UV Printer for you to use cleaning fluid to clean the print head of the photo machine.  

Let Up to Learn How This Good Method To clean Epson Printhead.

Clean Printhead

Step 1. Remove the print head from the print head Your Printer.

Step 2. Pour an appropriate amount of special cleaning solution into a clean glass container (such as a beaker), put it in the Printhead and submerge the bottom of the nozzle 2~3mm, and then seal the glass container with plastic wrap (to prevent dust) and let it stand for more than 1 day . Note: Do not touch the signal interface on the top of the Printhead with cleaning fluid, otherwise the Printhead will be damaged.

Cleaning Head

Step 3. After the printhead is soaked, pour an appropriate amount of special cleaning liquid into the Epson Printhead cleaner, and then put the bottom of the nozzle into the cleaning liquid to immerse about 2~3mm, then start the cleaner, select the special nozzle cleaner, if you use general ultrasonic The cleaning device must strictly control the time to prevent damage to the nozzle. Note: It is not necessary to use the washer for cleaning more than three times continuously.

Step 4. Use a glass syringe to draw 40ml of special cleaning fluid and inject it from the ink supply tube interface on the upper part of the Printhead. Pay attention to the state of the water line sprayed from the nozzle. If all the water lines are straight, the cleaning is effective and the Printhead can continue. Use (prerequisite: both the circuit and the piezoelectric crystal are intact), if there is still part of the water line sprayed, you must follow the steps 2 and 3 and then do 2~3


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