What is PU Heat transfer Vinyl For T-shirt Printing?

Pu Heat transfer Vinyl is a popular T-shirt printing consumable. It can transfer LOGO text and image to various tshirts through Sublimation Transfer Technology. It can also transfer dark tshirt and fabirc. 
Vinyl For Black T-shirt Printing

What you can do with a PU Heat transfer Vinyl For T-shirts?

The regular PU heat transfer vinyl is a roll of material,
It needs to be used in conjunction with Cutting Plotter and Heat press machine, which is very convenient. It can also be used for color transfer to increase the richness and variability of the supporting material. It is not limited to the material and color of the fabric, as long as it is fabric material. After transfer, it has excellent washing fastness and adhesive fastness. This product is widely used in monochrome graphics, team logos of team uniforms, sports numbers, signs, advertisements, posters, company logos, etc. 

T-shirt Vinyl

How To Know The Best Quality PU heat transfer vinyl for your Tshirt Printing?

To prove the product quality of PU Heat transfer Vinyl, look at it from four aspects as follows:  

1. PU Heat Transfer Vinyl operation problems: whether it is easy to engrave, cut, and discharge waste.
2. PU Heat Transfer Vinyl Sublimation Transfer problem: the convenience of hot stamping and the problem of waste discharge.
3. PU Heat Transfer Vinyl Whether is Not Durable after Printing On T-shirt Fabirc: That is, the problem of washing, the hot melt glue melts and eats glue in sufficient time. It is not easy to wash off and so on.
4. PU Heat Transfer Vinyl Sublimation Transfer on Tshirt And clothing, how elastic is it, whether the pull is cracked, etc.   

What is Best PU heat transfer Vinyl Features:

1. PU thermal transfer Vinyl Cutting Image material. Good quality and diverse varieties. And it's environmentally friendly.
2. The pattern effect can improve the quality of the clothes, which is impossible for silk screen printing.
3. It is very convenient to cut the picture, no plate making is required. Computer drawing is cut with a cutting plotter, with film. It can be hot stamped directly.
4. Rich and clear color; good hand feeling, soft, non-cracking, elastic, non-fading, non-fading, machine-washed, hand-washed without falling off, no peculiar smell, fashionable and environmentally friendly;
5. The equipment is simple to use, as long as there is a computer, a computer engraving machine and a heat press machine, it can be used;
6. Fast, five or six 2CM texts or patterns can be carved in just a few seconds, as many as you want;
7. There is no need for plate making, which saves the time and cost of plate making, which is immediately desirable and saves manpower and material resources;
8. The packaging in rolls allows you to engrave as much as you want, use corner materials to a large extent, avoid waste, and control the cost 

In summary of all the above information:
You May already know what PU Heat transfer vinyl is and know their advantages and features. You can also let you know which PU heat transfer vinyl is worth your purchase. In addition, if you have any technical knowledge of signs equipments, you can search our website. Get what you want to learn 


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