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What Components Required to start Silk Screen Printer

What Components Required to start Silk Screen Printer. If you buy a Silkscreen Printer, so you can start Printing T-shirts? not, Now introduce to you Some components When you work with silk Screen Printing. This picture shows the Silk screen Printer As Everything Know that Four Color / Six Color Silkscreen Printer is no need any software, no need any computer design. direct work by manual to print on T-shirt. But do you know what additional Components it required? Now I am writing to you to know follows: three Components you need to consider Before you buy a Silk Screen Tshirt Printer. 1. Screen Frame. The screen Frame function is for fix the T-shirt Or textile Position. This component is One factor to make your materials printing position.   When you Buy New Silk Screen Printer, you should ask the supplier whether this is included in your Purchsement. This picture shows what is the Screen Frame 2. plate making. What is the "Plate marks"? why you need it? if you don't kno

What is Digital PET Printer Processing Tshirt And Cloth

What is Digital PET Printer Processing Tshirt And Cloth. There are completed Sets machines to Process The Digital PET Printer for T-shirts and Cloth. It required Inkjet Printer which supports white color Printing, And a Shaking power Drying machine To Cure the Printed image Of the Inkjet Printer. The Inkjet Printer in PET Printing Technology. The Inkjet Printer is the important party From The PET Printing Technology, Now I have made 2 points to know what kinds of Inkjet Printer can march the PET Printing Equipments.  The above Picture is Explain to you the Correct Inkjet Printer For PET Printing 1. The Inkjet Printer Can Support White color Printing. Why need white color Printing, Because All PET Film is transparent Colors, If the Inkjet Printer is no white color Printing, So it can not cover the colorful ink To the PET Film. Commonly If you choose a large size Inkjet Printer, So it Need require two Print head on the Printer, Because One head is for Colorful Ink Printing, Another Print

What is a Populars advertising lightbox?

Popular advertising lightbox. With the development of science and technology, with the change of The Times, there are countless kinds of advertising lightboxes on the market now, and even some lightboxes are very exquisite and beautiful because all commercial organizations need lightboxes to expand their business and show their goods. LightBox Has another name called Sharkarstain, Now Let Us Let you know more Advertising Lightbox Information and classification.  Acrylic Led LightBox. The Acrylic Led LightBox Production and Process Steps in follows. The Acrylic LightBox is made by Raw Acrylic Materials, the maker will use an acrylic Cutting Machine to cut the Acrylic sheet, Then use Tools to Bend the acrylic edge with put the Led light to the inside of acrylic. The Populars acrylic Led LightBox is most use in shops Or supermarkets. Pictured Above Is The Acrylic LightBox Ultra-thin aluminum LED lightbox. Thin Aluminum Led Lightbox Production And Process Steps are as follows. This Lightbo

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