Which Is The Best?450 4606R 670HC Digital Paper Cutter!

How to Choose The Best Digital Paper Cutter?

How to choose Different Model of Digital Paper Cutter, Such as 450 4606R 490R 670HC Paper Cutter What are Different.
Paper Cutter
It is Easy to Know The Main Differents.

450 4606R 490 670HC the main Difference is Max Cutting Width.

And "R" And "HC" is means working method.
R is Means Working By automatic and Programed.
HC Is means Hydraulic Pushing..
Now Let us See This 4606R Digital Paper Cutter.
This is most popular Model For sales.

Performance characteristics

★Slanting knife cutting technology, smooth and easy cutting, suitable for any paper cutting

★The design of independent paper pressing mechanism effectively solves the problem of insufficient paper pressing with traditional electric motors and improves work efficiency

★Cut position indication line marking, infrared laser indication line, clear and clear

★LCD display, can simultaneously store 700 segments of data

★Paper cutter depth adjustment technology, convenient and fast

★Infrared grating safety protection circuit design, rear shield design, in line with CE standards, making operation safer.



Anonymous said…
Does The 4606R Digital Paper Cutter Can Cut cardboard?how many max thickness does the machine Cutting?
Mr Jeff Tan said…
This Digital Paper Cutter Can Cut Cardboards, it can cut max 60mm thickness paper.

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