Best Price High Speed Name Card Offset Printer

Offset Printer Price For Name Card Printing.

Offset Printer Has Many Different Model, One Big Offset Printer cost will be Expensive a house. But now we are introduce you a Small Offset Printer for Name Card Printing. It based The very fast Printing speed, One hour can produce 20000 Piece Business Card.

This Name Card Offset Printer Main features

1.Double vibrator and oscillating roller and Double inker.Well-distribuled color.Dot-on-dot registration.
2,Back guide and side guide. Adjust to color printing and exact color-positioning.
3,Accurate gear fine-turning system.Adjust the white part of page in 360 degree.
4.Accurate gear fine-turning system.Adjust the image in left and right position without shutting down.
5.Continuous paper feeding.
6.Distinction friction feeding system. No wrinkles on paper face and no burr on paper edge.
7.Electroplated plate roller and Blanket roller wear-resistant.
8.Stepless adjusting volume of supply and printing speed.
9.Auto ink roller cleaning device makes ink change much quick and convenient. 

Offset Printer
1,Suction feeder: Suction feeder unit to ensure that various types of printing paper pass stably.
2,Double feed detection: Precision electronic testing of double-sheet can prevent the situation of double-sheet efficiently.
3,Registration of printing: Adjustment of precision is up to 0.01 mm
4,Electronic control of paper feeding: Paper feeding is controlled by microcomputer to ensure the accuracy of feeding.
5,Roller structure: Ink system is made of 12 rollers to ensure good and stable printing result.
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Anonymous said…
Does this business card Offset Printer can Printing Full color? How fast speed Can Print per hour?
Mr Jeff Tan said…
This Name Card Offset Printing machine can print full color, You can see our video on how does it go to Print Ful Color. And the machine printing speed is very fast, One hour can be done more than 200 Piece Name card

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