How is Best Roll to Roll UV Printer with Epson XP600 Printhead?

how to choose a Large format Roll to Roll Uv Printer for light boxes?Which one is best?

1.8m XP600 Head Roller UV Printer.

The XP600 Head Roller UV Printer uses the uv curing principle, the uv ink is 
solidified by the irradiation of the uv lamp, and is firmly attached to the medium; And The XP600 Head Roller UV Printer uses the inkjet printing principle, It accepts the printing data, and passes the trolley The board, decoder, and print head chip interact with each other to print.
XP600 Head Roller UV printer

This XP600 Head Roller UV Printer Is not only print flexible introduction roll materials, but also print hard media tiles du, acrylic, glass, metal, etc., through uv ink printing, the printed image can be comparable to the photo, the image is realistic, and the printed pattern Bright colors, waterproof, sun-proof, and never fade. Small-volume and large-volume production are not a problem, whether it is full-color patterns or over-color patterns, it can be printed at one time, eliminating the complicated operations of plate making, printing and repeated color registration;(Here is This Epson XP600 Head Roller UV Printer Video).

In the past, This XP600 Head Roller UV Printer was the main printing output device in the advertising industry, and it was also an indispensable printing device in the production of advertisements. In particular, everyone is familiar with the large piezoelectric photo machine. In addition to traditional advertising printing, it can also print other soft media. For example, wallpaper decoration, optimization, heat transfer printing of leather and cloth can be perfectly printed, but there is a big defect. If it is a hard medium, the photo machine is completely inapplicable, so its use is very limited. The continuous development of the market


Anonymous said…
What is this Roller UV Printer max printing width? Do you have a 64-inch Large format Roll UV Printer? I want the printer to print Lightbox film and printing banner and special Vinyl. It can?
Mr Jeff Tan said…
Our this Roll to Roll UV Printer max printing width is 1800mm. we have the printer, contact us.

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