For Printers,Konica VS Epson Printhead Difference?

Konica VS Epson Printhead.

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What is Difference between Konica Head And Epson Head In your Large format Printer.

Firstly,We are Need to Know What is Epson Printhead? What is Konica Printhead?
01. Epson Printhead
Konica Print head
There are so many Different Model Of Epson Printhead. DX4 DX5 DX6 DX7 DX10 XP600 TX800 I3200 Epson Printhead! (Now we are Going to Compare With Konica Printead, If any one want to know what is different Model Epson Printhead, You can view our Blogger Other Article)
Epson Printhead Is widely Use On 1.6m 1.8m And 3.2M Large format Inkjet Printer, It can be for Eco solvent outdoor, Sublimation Tshirt Textiles.
02. Konica Printhead
How is good with Konica Head?
Konica Printhead is most use on 3.2M Large format Banner Printer, The speed is fast Than Epson Printhead, and Price is also Higher than Epson Printhead.
But Konica Printhead Can not Use "Eco solvent ink", Can not Use "Sublimation ink". It is Only for Outdoor "Solvent ink".
Now Let Us Video to show you our CY1800 Epson Printhead Best Advantage.
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Anonymous said…
Thanks for this information, Does Konica Printhead can use Eco-solvent Ink?
Mr Jeff Tan said…
Konica Print Head Can Only Use "Solvent Ink". Can not use Eco-solvent Ink. And Konica Head Is Most Use On 3.2M Large-format Printer

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