What is Konica Printhead 512 1024 Features and prices

Konica Printhead 512 1024 Main Features And Price For Your Large format Printer and UV Printer.
Konica 512 1024 Print head
Konica was the first company to focus on imaging and set foot in the field of producing piezoelectric print heads, and it was also relatively successful in hardware facilities.

three main types of print heads for Konica KM 512 And 1024:

(UV Ink, Eco solvent Ink, And Dye Water Based Ink can be used) print width 36mm. But All Model Konica Printhead Can Not Use Eco solvent Ink.

Konica Printhead 512 Types classification:

KM 512 LN (LH) 42PL ignition frequency is 7.60KHZ


KM 512 MN (MH) 14PL ignition frequency is 12.8KHZ

KM 512SN (SH) 4PL ignition frequency is 23.0KHZ

There are also Konica 512 Water Based Ink Models:

KM512i MAB 14PL ignition frequency 20KHZ

KM 512 LAX 30PL

KM512 MAX 14PL

There are two main types of KM 256 nozzles: printing width 36mm

KM 256LN 42PL Ink drop size 42PL

KM 256MN 14PL Ink drop size 14PL

Now let's talk about it, in recent years Konica company updated New Technology with 1024 series Printhead.
KM 1024's nozzles mainly include: (gray level 8) printing width 72mm.

Follows are 1024 Serices Konica Printhead.

KM 1024MNB/14PL Ink drop size 14PL Application solvent Ink, Can not Applicate with Eco solvent ink.

KM1024SHB/6PL Ink drop size 6PL Application UV ink

KM 1024MHB/14PL Ink drop size 14PL Application UV ink

KM 1024LHB/42PL Ink drop size 42PL Application UV ink

KM 1024i MHE 14PL has four rows of 256 nozzles, the droplet size is 14PL, and the ignition frequency is 35KHZ. Aiming at high-speed industrial printing, single printing, 75m/min, 360dpi, 3 levels of gray, the launch of this print head is mainly used in industrial variable data codes, textile printing, ceramic inkjet printing and other emerging industries such as rapid industrialization. 

Konica 1024a has made a big leap in point change technology. It uses the most advanced point change technology to improve the color gamut transition of the print head, reduce ink flying and dot shape problems to achieve high-precision printing, and greatly improve the quality of printing. The uv printer equipped with Konica 1024a nozzle is mainly used for high ink volume, suitable for internal light printing in the advertising industry, high-speed printing of plates, and the price is similar to that of Ricoh Gen6.  

Above are All Information About Konica Print heads, For more Technical Support Details , Welcome to all viewer to search on our this side.


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