How to Refill HP 45 cartridge ink For CAD Drawing Plotter

Hp 45 Printhead Is Also Suitable For Large format Clothing Drawing CAD Plotter. 

The Best method To Make Ciss System Refill Ink To The Hp45 Head Cad Plotter

HP40 CAD Plotter

Step 1: The air pressure balance in the HP ink cartridge is adjusted by the small vent at the position "C" as shown in the figure. Before filling, "C" must be sealed with tape to prevent ink leakage. At the same time, the small hole shown in the figure "A" should also be sealed with tape.

Step 2: HP 45 ink cartridge with green top cover, at the position "B" in the figure, there is a plastic ball covering the filling hole. Use a sharp tool to push the plastic beads into the cartridge to expose the filling hole. The new style ink cartridge (gray top cover) does not have this filling hole, which requires a small drill to drill a small hole with a diameter of about 3 mm at position "B" for ink filling.

important If you Refill Ink To The Hp45 Head For Your Large format Clothing Drawing CAD Plotter.

The small hole in the "A" position (top of the ink cartridge) must not be pierced!

Refill HP45 Ink cartridge
Step 3: Use a flat-headed syringe to inject the ink into the HP cartridge through the filling hole until the ink is almost full of the cartridge (about 30ml). Do not insert the syringe too deeply. (Large format Clothing Drawing CAD Plotter)

Plug the filling hole with a spare rubber plug, or seal the filling hole with a molten plastic welding rod.

The fourth part: Use a long syringe needle to pierce the plug of the filling hole to draw out the air inside the cartridge to maintain the internal pressure balance. Then tear off the tape seals at "C" and "A".

Note: Once the ink cartridge is used up, it must be filled immediately. In addition to the purely manual method, we also have an ink refilling rack suitable for this ink cartridge, which makes refilling simple to the end.



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