The Best CCD Contour System For Cnc Cutting Machine

CCD Contour System Has Already popular In The Cnc Router,Cnc Cutting Machine, Laser cutting machine Market since 2018 Year.

How To Add CCD Contour System To Your laser machine and Cnc Router.

If you Cnc Router, Laser Cutting Machine ,Cnc Cutting machine has the CCD Contour Camera System, So Your machine can Cutting All Image Edge Automatic, The system can automatic to extract All Image Edge Line. 
CCD Contour System

Introduction of automatic edge CCD Cutting Machine system :

1.  Intelligent patrol CCD Contour Cutting machine adopts one-key shortcut to switch the dual system control mode, not only with traditional plane cutting, 3D relief, etc.,
It is more suitable for the patrolling and cutting of identification plates and Printed Image contours
It can process medium-hardness plates such as KT board, PVC acrylic, etc. 

2.  This CCD Contour System has the function of automatically identifying and extracting various picture curves, as well as an automatic three point of postion Camera. It has very good advantages in cutting speed, software editing, and automatic position fixation. 

3. Third, it has high precision, stable operation, compact structure, supports NC, eng, dxf and other formats of files, and can automatically position the camera for cutting and engraving for multiple formats.
Because our Cnc Router has two independent switching control systems or Contour cutting integrated system.
Therefore, it can achieve multiple functions in one machine. The transmission network cable imported from Germany for ccd industrial cameras ensures stable data transmission, quality assurance, powerful functions, supports multiple compensations, and reduces various corners left during the cutting process.
Meet the needs of various types of cutting and engraving. Cnc Router, Laser Cutting machine is easy to operate, it can not only Image Contour Cutting, but also automatic camera positioning 

Above is for showing you how easy the CCD Contour System Software Operation For your Cnc Router and Laser Cutting machine.


Anonymous said…
Very good, how much to sell CCD System for cnc router and Laser Cutting machine

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