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what you can make with laser engraver cutter?

what you can make with laser engraver cutter? With the extensive application laser cutter engraving machine, we clearly know that the computer has been hand-carved the laser cutter engraving machine, laser engraving machine replaced people out of hand production, and more precise engraving on the effect of the product, even more beautiful. now follows we are introduce to you know what you can make with a laser engraver cutter? 1, make wood craft: laser cutter Engraving machine can punch, Lou edge, such as, in particular, new decorative materials, wave plate engraving machine is widely used, but also to the engraving machine more room to grow, improve product reproducibility, standardization same time, the finished product production efficiency has been significantly improved. 2, make in model industry: Real estate development, and constantly increasing demand for construction of the model. Sales offices of the sales model, the square model, show and exhibition of architectural

what Are CO2 Laser equipments?

what Are CO2 Laser equipments? CO2 laser engraving machine is to use CO2 laser Tube machine, Co2 laser equipment is such a common model, the focus mode, small size, high degree of integration. The principle of laser engraving is that: a laser beam transmitted through the optical mechanism and focusing on the surface of the material with high energy density of the laser beam of the point of rapid evaporation, forming pits point. Promote the use of computer-controlled laser head moves xy console and in accordance with the requirements of the switching control of the laser image information processed after the software has been stored in the computer in some way, when in order to read information from the computer, the laser head on the edge left to right, top to bottom, with progressive scanning track scan back and forth. Scan whenever a "1" point, so that the laser is turned on, scanning to a "0" point, so that the laser off. Computer storage information is performe

Laser cutting machine trade exhibition in china

Laser cutting machine trade exhibition in china. In the laser equipment industry, every year there will be a lot of games around the laser cutting machine on show, but what the true meaning and necessity of the show is it? 1 relative abroad as domestic laser technology is not very mature, exhibition exchanges allow major manufacturers found their vulnerabilities and technical deficiencies, but can also communicate with each other between manufacturers to develop more high-end products. 2, through the exhibition to allow more people to understand the laser equipment, laser cutting machine that played a huge role in the industry that can help them improve productivity, achievement more perfect quality products. 3, so that our laser equipment to better the world come every industry, started the Chinese brand of industrial equipment. A product, an industry, an annual exhibition performances more representative of the industry and products more market position, customer optional equipme

Laser engraving equipment exhibition fair in china

Laser engraving equipment exhibition fair in china. Exhibition is a very unique kind of marketing media, I edited the exhibition site, I hope I show the show to promote good laser cutting engraving machine can help you do business better. Next, I briefly participated in laser cutting machine to report the benefits associated with the show, and then introduce you to the relevant business and laser cutting machine laser cutting machine which can go and see the show. guangzhou of china Exhibition Time: every year September 17th Exhibition location: guangzhou of china Exhibition content: 1 .. CNC equipment: CNC forming equipment, CNC metal cutting machine tools, CNC rapid prototyping machine, CNC processing equipment, product development, and application software as well as various functional components and related products. 2 laser equipment: laser processing machines, laser welding machines, laser cutting machines, laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, laser drilling

Making money with a laser engraver in business

Making money with a laser engraver in business. if you have a laser engraver machine,so do you know how to make money in your business? laser engraver can do many business for making money,so follows are we talking about all application of laser engraver can be working and processing the money job. 1.Laser engraver make money in Advertising decoration industry: cutting acrylic for advertising which are very useful in all new shop.make it as how much per word.and also can making some of acrylic gift and signs for some of decoration. 2..Laser engraver make money in non-metallic sheet boards industry: do you know color board,and MDF board,this 2 of materials is very useful in sheet board Industry. it can make one board as different content and cutting as different size for making money 3.Laser engraver make money in Leather garment industry: The laser is a laser burning flowers high energy density characteristics, the surface projected onto the garment, the vaporized material a

Co2 Laser engraver Application industry

Co2 Laser engraver Application industry. Application of laser engraving machine industry analysis categorized and summarized: Laser engraving machine powerful, simple operation, easy to control, making it one of the modern industrial manufacturing equipment indispensable. Whether in the traditional packaging industry, garment industry, or new gifts acrylic processing, electronic devices PCB board processing, CO2 laser marking machine can be easily qualified, and some enterprises through the analysis of their own characteristics, combined with its own laser equipment, the development of many new laser technology, such as laser light guide plate technology Masaaki laser technology has become a major highlight of the industry. Since the laser processing equipment is so good, then the major industry-specific technology it involves what is it? Masaaki laser through the analysis of the industry, combined with customer inquiries, feedback and understanding of the customer's visit, the

New laser engraver cutter installation manual

New laser engraver cutter installation manual. due to many laser engraving machine brands, different brands have different installation methods, if the following installation methods are not suitable for your laser engraving machine, we recommend that you consult your supplier, installation and commissioning under the guidance of technicians. Now we are talking about our brand laser engraver cutter machine installation manual. Firstly: after receiving the machine, first check the box whether anythere is damage, we should first check whether the laser tube is damaged, then check whether the whole appearance of scratches and accessories are complete. Secondly: laser engraving machine should be placed in ventilated, dry place, away from the ground wire should be close. After commissioning a good machine and then try not to move the machine, or to re-adjust the optical path. Finally, laser engraving machine installation and commissioning. Installation: 1. the installation ground

Why you choose laser engraver cutter

Why you choose laser engraver cutter. if you are wanting a engraving or cutting machine in your business, so you can but cnc router or laser engraver cutter or plasma cutting machine. but here we are talking about laser engraver cutter is better for all kinds of business Between 3 types of machine, and why we choose laser engraver cutter: Nowadays people from the hands of the various cutting techniques, the laser cutting technology is the best technology to replace flame cutting and plasma cutting, cutting technology will become the future trend of development. Widely used in laser cutting and proud good cutting characteristics. 1, good cutting quality Laser cutting is a high energy density, thermal processing methods. When a light beam is irradiated to the workpiece, the laser light energy into thermal energy to maintain stunning in a very small area, the heat input to the irradiation region is much more than material of the reflection, conduction or diffusion part. Laser cutti

Laser engraving machine component installation

Laser engraving machine component installation. Laser engraving machine installation requirements for each component. 1. The direction of shaft equipment. Requirements: (1) rotatable drive shaft (2) synchronous wheel fastening two. (3) To make the whole shaft and wheel formation, with attention to the inner diameter of the bearing and the shaft, bearings and bearings with outside diameter not allow loose and beat, the sound of friction resistance 2 light pipe cover and the back cover of the equipment. Requirements: (1) on the fastening screws are full, no omissions (2) the appearance of smooth, spray surface without scratching three. 3 about equipment rail. Requirements: (1) Note that the parallelism. (2) To smooth glide beam pat did and did not beat resistance and friction sound. 4. Beam assembly equipment. Requirements: (A) no friction between the dust cover and the guide rail (2) slidably car (3) moderately elastic belt, no distortion, no wound and trachea (4) abo

How does a Laser engraver for glass engraving.

How does a Laser engraver for glass engraving. Since glass Laser cutting is easily broken during the processing, therefore, the glass must be very carefully carved. Different types of glass, lead content of different processing methods so that they are not the same. Lead content, the lower the hardness of the glass and the high temperature viscosity of the glass is more easily broken. Ordinary glass is usually easier than crystal glass sculpture, because of the high lead content of crystal glass, the hardness viscosity decreases, increasing the difficulty of laser engraving follows are letting you to know how to better to use the laser engraver for engraving glass 1, before Engraving glass, the first glass surface wet. You can get wet newspaper covering the glass, you can also use wet cleaning liquid glass, glass engraving so the effect will be better. But note that the water would soon get rid of the glass surface. 2, in front of a glass sculpture, with protective foil or tape

CO2 Laser engraver cutting machine For 5 best business

CO2 Laser engraver cutting machine For 5 best business. 1, CO2 Laser engraver for engraving cutting rubber sheet or carton. engraving cutting or engraving rubber or carton is most useful for a laser equipment.Crochet PLC Is main application. Both formats have their advantages, specific analysis of specific situations. When word carved a height greater than 10mm or greater than 1.5mm pattern of brush strokes, you can use Crochet way, a show 7mm single ordinary rubber version, for example, when the surface of the humidification Crochet newspaper, with leak jet cup to prevent blowing over blowing up a lot of wet newspaper, so make the hook out of the line is more delicate. 2. In Cloth embroidery industry: Laser engraving cutting machine for Fabric cutting generally use high-speed crash victims CM or TM series, the focus is generally used 50mm lens, single cut normal speed is 5 m / min, light intensity is 40% the size of the pump power, honeycomb floor is good or bad and flatness, lig

Best Acrylic laser cutting machine

Best Acrylic laser cutting machine. Acrylic laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, also known as advertising, not only for acrylic processing equipment, such as two-color version of the advertising industry, PVC and other common version. There are a variety of acrylic material, imported and domestic big difference, very smooth plexiglass cut out some homemade too many impurities, will blister. Acrylic cutting machines generally use low speed, because the laser tube power is not great, but relatively high precision thin material. Average speed of not more than 3 m / min. Equipment and precision requirements Acrylic laser cutting machine is generally limited to the thickness of the material, made of laser tube power of 400 watts or less is generally processed material thickness of 40mm or less. Can be broadly speaking, is the laser tube power decided Bohou materials processing. Sometimes, customers need to add paper or film cut together, when the wind is not too small, otherw

CO2 laser cutting Acrylic better than Cnc cutting results

CO2 laser cutting Acrylic better than Cnc cutting results. If you are wanting a acrylic cutting machine in your business,so here we can sure to tell you CO2 laser cutting Acrylic better than Cnc cutting Acrylic. 1. Co2 Laser cutting machine cut acrylic has good results: Incision without fire polishing, very smooth, bright, no sawtooth pattern, can be cut at once time for 20mm thick acrylic 2.laser tube good quality, long life: best machine-made laser tube, not only stable performance, life expectancy is long (about 8 to 14 months), power, warranty six months 3.Cutting speed is fast than cnc router. CO2 laser cutting engraver machine Application materials: Wood products, paper, leather, cloth, acrylic, epoxy, acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, ceramic tile, marble, crystal, jade, bamboo products and other non-metallic materials.

Advertising signs Equipment trading exhibition fair china

Advertising signs Equipment trading exhibition fair china Advertising signs Equipment Exhibition is now very common in advertising the show, in an era of rapid technological development today, have a good high-tech information exchange, in order for the advertising equipment industry is a great help for innovative advertising equipment play a very good The push in recent action. Here is the summary describes the advertising network advertising equipment exhibition about the situation and show the basic equipment: In order to promote the development of printing, engraving and marking industry, the bigger, stronger Chinese advertising industry equipment, equipment, guide, regulate and promote the healthy development of the industry, in early January 2012, to shareholders of printing engraving Union on behalf of the industry as the core business In the neutral and fair manner, advertising equipment exhibition for two exhibition areas of the northern spring vote. 12:5 poll results overwhe

Large format printers Exhibition Trading Fair in Guangzhou

Large format printers Exhibition Trading Fair. in Guangzhou of china times which have many Many people seeing different advertising equipment Showing. Exhibition Contents: All kinds of large format inkjet printers, ink, printing cloth, pictorial cloth, canopy fabric, mesh, one way vision film, cold laminating film, car stickers, sticky notes, adhesive, reflective materials, paper and other digital printing supplies Digital printing equipment Indoor and outdoor digital printing equipment, photo equipment, UV flatbed printer, digital textile printing machine, heat transfer machine, digital imaging technology output devices, banners, cold laminating machines, stitching machines, laminating machines, etc. Mark Signs, identification products, three-sided and multi-faceted turn Lightbox All kinds of light boxes, 3D stereo, multimedia advertising machines and other products, such as light-emitting Display equipment Exhibition equipment, portable exhibition series, stage truss and o

Eco solvent printer exhibition trade fair in guangzhou china

Eco solvent outdoor printers Trader exhibition fair Exhibition Date: September 2013 2014 2015 2016 every year this time. Location: Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo                            (Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou 1000) Hours: at 09:00 on September 2 to trade visitors only 17:30                            At 09:00 on September 3 to trade visitors only 17:30                            At 9:00 on September 4 to trade visitors only 14:00                                                                                                     Exhibition area : ​​22,000 +   The number of visitors 30,000 +   The number of exhibitors 350 + Exhibition content: Digital printing indoor and outdoor exhibition class printing equipment, photo printers, UV flatbed printer, banner machine, cold laminating machine, connected Machine, laminating machine, printing machine, heat transfer machine, screen printing equipment, output devices, such as digital im

what are one way vision outdoor printing media.

what are one way vision outdoor printing media. One way Vision is one of eco solvent outdoor printing materials. One Way vision Advantages : 1.  One Way vision advantages compared with other advertising materials, mainly in the following points:  A significant advantage is the quality One Way vision when looking out the car did not affect the occupants (especially drivers) sight. Good Film, its transmission rate can reach 5:5 (light transmission rate of 50%), with the former posting transmittance glass is the same, but both have significantly different effects in post after the one-sided transparent, you can see beautiful paintings advertising screen. Thus, not only beautify the cityscape, and also increases the advertising effect.  2, One Way vision far beyond the advantages of expensive solar film. Solar film becomes very hot under the sun's radiation, brittle, prone Alice. Of course, only one side can play through shading effect, due to the sunlight after a through hole on

How to Make flex banner or X standing Hole

How to Make flex banner or X standing Hole. automatic  eyelets grommet making flex banner or X standing Hole machine which is very useful in advertising market. eyelets grommet machine  Is a simple structure, easy to operate, widely used in inkjet advertising, bags, belts belts, clothing, leather goods, stationery light corrosion, especially tents, rain gear binding riveting semi-automatic equipment. We are committed to: domestic best quality, lowest price, the most dedicated service to meet your requirements, I hope we can be a good helper for your career! Welcome new and old customers, we cherish every opportunity to serve you. In the present application of industrial production heat sealing machines have become increasingly frequent, a deduction main principle is the use of high-field has repeatedly reversed plastic polar molecules to generate friction heat, and thus achieve the purpose of welding, the welding temperature is uniform table The Any content greater than 30% of PVC

Flex banner welder stitching machine

Flex banner welder stitching machine. Flex banner welder stitching machine is for adjust size of flex banner,it is very useful in advertising outdoor poster banner! follows we are talking about what is a machine can automatic to welder stitching flex banners! 1, Scope (1) Construction Suitable for welding thermoplastic advertising inkjet cloth, light box cloth (2) welding method is mainly hot air plastic welding methods. Construction tools: Printing cloth stitching machines 2. equipment and material requirements (1) ensure no difference between the performance and stability of each welder, welding machine (2) inkjet cloth, light box cloth surface coated with a thermoplastic between the 0.2-5mm thickness 3, the operating conditions and personnel requirements (1)perform plastic welding welders welding must have some experience within the company and have qualified welders. (2)After confirming the raw material can be welded, the process must be assessed. (3) participate in

Outdoor advertising inkjet photo printers

Outdoor advertising inkjet photo printers. Outdoor advertising inkjet photo printers Use CMKY mode, use RGB mode. Today, four-color inkjet outdoor photo printers are inkjet printing way for advertising banners,stickers which have more than six-color light-colored C and M, making the transition softer color fidelity. In the time to make plans to go according to standard printing, screen printing company will adjust the color and sample close. Outdoor advertising inkjet photo printers application materials: 1. Outdoor flex banners outside light cloth (we have seen in the large-scale outdoor inkjet, these are the lights from the outside toward the spraying.) 2. Outdoor flex banner for the light cloth (we saw on the outdoor sign printing 2, these are the lights out spraying irradiation in the light box.) 3. Vinyl stickers (stickers on the vehicle body for inkjet, inkjet such viscous, anti-sun.) 4. Outdoor fabirc silk (for more romantic and elegant style display cases, but thes

digital wallpaper fabric photo printer

digital wallpaper fabric photo printer. wallpaper fabric photo printer is available in a variety of materials directly printing photos, it is used eco solvent ink,Colorful, waterproof, non-toxic, sustainable Color 2 years. Wallpaper printer machine advantages: 1, wallpaper printers foreign brands THK linear guide, more stable car movement, can effectively guarantee the accuracy of the screen, longer life, quieter; 2, wallpaper printers use direct bite precise gear transmission mode, higher transmission accuracy and longer life; 3, wallpaper printers using advanced variable droplet printing technology, the smallest drop of 3.5 pl, maximum ink droplets up to 27 pl, in combination with a variety of variable droplet printing, the perfect realization VSDT technology print quality; 4, wallpaper printer features a unique two-dimensional intelligent eclosion and wave eclosion print function, you can eliminate Banding good printing process produces, with high-precision printing technol

leather inkjet printing machine

leather inkjet printing machine. leather inkjet printing machine is ideal for printing color images of transition which is used eco solvent ink,and it has Waterproof, sunscreen, non-toxic. Follows is the leather inkjet printing machine Advantage: 1. leather inkjet printing machine very simple steps: It is no plate, copy, repeat the chromatography steps, screen printing and thermal transfer mode without the need for a variety of types of tools and materials. Mining used eco solvent ink printing, only need to prepare one another ordinary computer. An operating crew can be completely independent of the printing operation, saving manpower and resources, and is simple, instant, on the operating crew experience requirements low, if we can understand simple image processing software on it. 2. leather inkjet printers compatible with different industries: not limited to the material, will not cause material damage - it can not only be printed on tough texture crystal, stone, metal, glass

Novajet lecai inkjet 750 printer error message problem

Novajet lecai inkjet 750 printer error message problem. fix different LED error message problem in Novajet lecai skype color 750 printer. please check follows list of error message and fix the problem: 1. Printer LED show error "Bad auto load paper sensor" please check : (1) printer color board broken. (2) Paper Sensor broken. Solutions : change above 2 of parts 2. printer LED show error" CBSET:VOLTAG FAILURE(2.0*11100) Please check: (1) Voltage instability (2) Color board problem Solution: re-put all cables of color board again, and if still problem,change the color board. 3. Printer LED show error "Bad carriage Paper sensor" please check: (1)paper sensor (2)some of cable not connect good, Solution: re-put all cables of color board again, and if still problem,change the the paper sensor. 4. Printer Led show error" Carriage Axis Failure" please check: (1) check the Axis whether has too much Too much resistance (2) Y Motor prob

Sublimation Heat transfer machine Three advantages

Sublimation Heat transfer machine Three advantages. Sublimation Heat transfer machine is a printing new technology in recent years, the gradual rise of the international community. First, advanced sublimation color transfer technology to the special printing (water-based or oil-based), all the needed color patterns printed onto special paper, Heat transfer color paper made with all kinds of fancy, and then on the transfer printing machine, transfer printing a pattern printed on paper to be printed on one side of the fabric and the adhesion by the action of heat and pressure, the use of paper flowers produce sublimation dye transfer to be printed on the fabric, required for a variety of fabric to be printed is formed on the patterns. Heat Transfer Machine Nowadays more and more people of all ages, with its three major advantages inseparable. Now we are talking about sublimation Head transfer machine Three advantages. 1, the process is simple: it is no plate, copy, repeat the chro

acrylic cutting machine in advertising industry Future

acrylic cutting machine in advertising industry Future. acrylic is a materials of cnc router cutting machine,it is very useful in all the world,such as advertising signs,building signs,word marks and more. cnc router for cutting Acrylic material used for the advertising industry is not a long history, beginning to use only some of the economic strength of enterprises outdoor publicity. First to foreign-based, and is only prevalent in some well-known domestic enterprises together, especially with the nature of the business chain, such as China Sinopec gas station, China Petroleum gas stations, A Lane cake, Holiland; financial sector, such as CITIC Industrial bankers and many other brands; another example, the appliance industry.   To know why cnc router for cutting acrylic material so popular, we must first understand the domestic outdoor advertising industry have adopted what form of advertising. At present the main forms of advertising are: 1, neon 2, the word metal, copper

inkjet printer and screen printer Different analysis.

inkjet printer and screen printer Different analysis. Inkjet printing is a non-contact, no pressure, no printing plate replication technology. It has a free version of the common characteristics of digital printing, enabling variable information printing. Screen printing re-ticular plate, the ink on the printing plate in the printing squeegee pressing the substrates to the through hole portion of the drain from the layout, and then complete the printing of the print job. 1 Introduction to two kinds of printing (1) ink jet printing Principle (2) ink jet printing There are many ways of inkjet printing, the basic principles are the graphic information stored in computer input to the first inkjet printer, and then through a special device, under the control computer, the mist sprayed from the nozzle to the substrate surface shaped drops, according to the substrate surface charge effects in direct imaging, become the ultimate print. (3) Classification of the ink jet printing (4) Cl

wide format inkjet printer Buying Guide.

wide format inkjet printer Buying Guide. Wide-format inkjet printers, allowing users a clearer and more vivid colors and more accurate detail, larger output image printing device, the output effect is that many traditional printers can not match. Wide-format inkjet printer device contains a small, inexpensive consumption patterns, and the business environment in expensive specialized output capability, suitable for a variety of different options for different industries, including the scope of application is a full color presentations, signs, posters, banners , drawings and maps. When companies choose wide-format inkjet printers when it valuable as an important asset of the enterprise should be valued. So how to choose the most suitable for wide-format inkjet printer for your business is an urgent need to understand the problem. Select the wide format inkjet printer, the print head is the most important, especially in wide-format inkjet printers. Currently on the market, the type o

advertising signs outdoor printing business report

advertising signs outdoor printing business report. report for all running a advertising company news which are let you know how is about advertising signs outdoor printing business. In recent years, the rapid development of outdoor advertising advertising signs outdoor printing business in the advertising industry in the market has shown rapid growth. 2011 domestic outdoor advertising reached more than 500 billion yuan. In 2012 the amount of outdoor advertising further, with more than 10% growth. This makes the amount of 2012 advertising media, outdoor advertising has become second only to the country's second largest television advertising media. According to Prospect Industrial Research Institute released the "2014-2018 China outdoor advertising industry Market Outlook and Investment Strategy Planning Analysis report" shows: in 2014, China's outdoor advertising market prospects, outdoor advertising will usher in new opportunities, specific to the outdoors Adverti

what are outdoor banner poster printing business?

what are outdoor banner poster printing business? Outdoor flex banner poster advertising is a city an indispensable advertising which any shop of company must need the advertising poster to promotion business. Flex banner printing machine in the market which is a very wide range of applications, primarily in the information on the display, it is possible during the day and evening shows are able to advertise information.Flex Banner Poster printing with the slow development of technology has gradually developed into two categories. Ordinary light cloth (ie, usually referred banner) and reflective banner (ie Crystal lattice). Here is a Flex poster banner printing range of applications introduction:, home decoration, building decoration, design institutes, Planning Institute, product design center, bridge construction, steam slim and beautiful: her slim and lightweight, elegant and generous. Its thickness is generally less than 3CM, only the ordinary light thickness about 1/

eco solvent printer in printing flex banner billboard

eco solvent printer in printing flex banner billboard. flex banner is a material used for outdoor advertising. Printing cloth making simple, lightweight, color and other characteristics of the abundance blessing our customers get the favorite in the advertising industry is also indispensable. these outdoor flex banner is only for eco solvent printer or solvent printer used a advertising outdoor media. Eco solvent printer for printing advertising inkjet market is mainly used in: Cross Road and Bridge billboard, lamp post flag, the flag column roads, site surrounded advertisement, building construction frame ads, Optimus Prime billboards, light boxes, advertising stickers, vehicle advertising, tree screen Advertising. now we are talking about the eco solvent printer for printing flex banner billboards Feature: 1 few years ago, at the door of the first cities and towns nationwide have become all-acrylic plastic characters, market blister machine, engraving machine sales are very po

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