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what are Different between indoor printer and outdoor printer

what are Different between printer Indoor Or Outdoor. what is the difference between outdoor advertising printing and indoor advertising printing ? In fact, both of which are large format printer uses according to classification. First, let's understand the difference between lower advertising and advertising productions , there are indoor advertising indoor advertising and outdoor advertising that is both . 1 . Indoor advertising printer , advertising in general is close , and the clarity of its images will generally require a high point , so a closer look , there will be no visual aesthetic problem . 2 indoor advertising printer , avoid sun drying , erosion and other problems caused by the advertising image color , ink fading and other issues. The outdoor advertising, because it is rack outdoors , in the open space may be prolonged sun and rain , so the outdoor advertising medium , the ink used aspects of the image has also been requested , but outdoor advertising

How to choose different knife bit tools for cnc engraver router.

How to choose different knife bit tools. Processing speed cnc engraving machine itself is important, but also directly affect the processing graver effects and processing efficiency , then how better to generate carving trails? Here to tell you about . Currently carving tool on the market can be divided into : 1 , flat knife , the type of cutting tool for thin , flat carving, color plate engraving , fine relief carving ; 2, the center knife , this type of tool is mainly applied to the tip end of the word tombstone carving , three-dimensional sculpture, go hypotenuse , etc. ; 3 , straight knife for cutting MDF , acrylic cutting, end milling characters , etc. ; 4 , the ball knife for relief carving , carving knife art glass sinter ball with excellent results . Various types of knives without limitation that can only end for cutting or milling , but also the flexibility to use based on graphics. A problem when generating tool path must face is the tool of choice , the blade angle

how to buy a good Pad printing machine.

how to buy a good Pad printing machine. Pad printing is a printing process very simple principle , which the silicone rubber cast by the steel intaglio printing head or intaglio graphic sensitive adhesive is transferred to the substrate. Pad can be used for a variety of flat or Type printed materials , such as glass, plastic products, metal products , watches, and electronic , optical products. Its main feature is available for irregular shaped convex surface for printing, this is the use of Other printing methods is difficult if not impossible to accomplish, and can be easily accomplished using the pad , and can realize multi-color fine print. This is for the apparatus, equipment , and the surface of the printed product is small Ideal for printing. In addition, the printing stability, sustained , even after prolonged printing, printing precision will not change , and eliminating the drying process , continuous multi-color printing. From the color of printing machines are ma

laser printer maintain manual.

how to maintain a laser printer. Although many models of laser printers , but because it works and materials used are basically the same, but some specifications is different , so, for general maintenance of laser printers , are all suitable for a variety of laser printers, but there are some special the difference only. 1 wire maintenance Because of residual toner inside the printer , dust and scraps of paper and other debris, charging , transfer, separation and elimination electrode wire will be contaminated , the voltage drop , which will affect the normal work performance. In general, if the charge transfer electrode wire soiled waste toner , paper dust , etc., will print out enough ink printed pieces , or even very pale , this is mainly due to the charge on the drum after the wire is dirty enough Therefore, the voltage of the latent image on the drum it produces insufficient suck less toner , leaving contaminated wire transfer voltage is not enough, when the paper through

cnc engraver cutter problem solution.

solve all cnc engraver cutter machine problem solution. One problem , when you open the software , the computer prompts " Failed to open the card , check card " prompt . Solution: 1 Check the board driver has not installed , or the board for a PCI slot ; (2) the two data cables reinstalled, check there is no breakage of the phenomenon ; 3 boards have problems, replace the board . Question two , when you open the software prompts : triaxial alarm, initialization error fourth . Solution: 1 Check the computer and the machine has two data lines not connected ; (2) Check the control box adapter plate fuse is burned , replace the fuse ; 3 Check 5V12V power supply is normal . Question three , dislocation occurs when carving, or the wrong size . Solution: 1 Check the correctness of the path engraving software ; (2) Check the size of the gap and the screw rod fastening screws are not loose ; 3 Check the software parameters set correctly . Question fou

difference Hot Stamping and heat press.

different between Hot stamping and Heat press machine. Hot Stamping machine and heat transfer machin e is the use of heat and pressure gilt metal coating paper and thermal transfer printing graphics layer film packaging equipment is transferred to the substrate on the Hot stamping machine is the use of silica gel plates and gold foil version of equipment , heat transfer machine using a cylinder silicone roller , heat transfer in the printing industry , it mainly uses planar silica gel plates to proceed. Structure a , bronzing machine and heat transfer machine 1 table. Workbench is used to put the fixture and substrates, mainly flat bench bench , shuttle table, rotary table . Surface table used in flat heat transfer machine and hot Hot stamping machine on a flat surface , the shuttle table tipping machine used on surfaces and surface heat transfer machine . In order to improve the efficiency of Hot stamping , rotary table can also be installed on a flat hot stamping machine .

cnc plasma cutter problems manual.

cnc plasma cutter problems manual. follows is to let you to see cnc plasma cutter problems manual. cnc plasma cutter in the workplace and work environment is relatively harsh , metallic dust is relatively large. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive machine cleaning and maintenance should be lubricated , repair and maintenance of the person responsible for the equipment ! One: routine maintenance and repair : 1 machine must be cleaned every weekday and dirt track , so keep it clean bed , turn off gas supply from work and power , while emptying the machine pipe band in the residual gas . 2 If longer have to leave the machine turned off power to Fangfei professionals operate. 3 Observe machine horizontal, vertical rails and rack surface with or without oil, to keep it well-oiled ! Two .. Weekly Maintenance : 1 week to conduct a comprehensive clean-up of the machine , horizontal, vertical rails , rack and pinion drive cleaning , filling oil . 2 Check the horiz

cnc wood engraver problems manual.

cnc wood engraver problems manual. follows is to let you see cnc wood engraver manual and see different problem solution. cnc routers Engraving machine before installation considerations : 1 . Do not install this equipment during lightning or thunder , do not install power outlets in wet areas , do not touch uninsulated power lines . 2 . Machine operator must undergo a rigorous training process must pay attention to the safety of the operation and safety of the machine, and strictly follow the rules and to operate a computer cnc routers engraving machine. 3 . Power supply voltage requirements 210V-230V, if the power supply voltage instability or around high-power electrical equipment , be sure to select the power supply under the guidance of professional and technical personnel . 4 . cnc routers Engraving machine, control cabinet must be grounded cord, plug the data cable can not live . 5. Do not wear work gloves operator is best to wear protective goggles . 6. Machine body is st

roll sublimation heat press manual..

roll sublimation heat press manual. follows to let you know how to run with the rolling sublimation head transfer machine and check different problem with the machine. steps to you run with the rolling sublimation head transfer machine. 1 Open air switch , the main power button is pressed , the red indicator light , turn the heating switch , temperature controller green light , the unit starts heating . 2 temperature settings . ( 1 ) The bottom temperature controller DIP Digital dial at 250 ° C, a small green light to start automatic temperature control . ( 2 ) When the temperature is displayed about 250 ° C is reached, the red light indicates the temperature has to work to transfer . ( 3 ) If the transfer , the temperature is too low , set the temperature to increase more appropriate , whereas lowered more. ( 4 ) must be checked before each start over dial settings, to prevent people from setting too high and burn blankets. ( 5 ) Open the motor switch , which was appropriated

what are sublimation printing technology.

what are sublimation printing technology. Sublimation is the traditional screen printing by sublimation transfer ink to paper ( or plastic film ) on the printed graphic paper ( or film ) and the fabric overlap heat, pressure or less pressure , paper ( or film ) on the dye sublimation transfer into the gas phase to the fabric .  In addition to the fabric , but also can be transferred to the ceramic , metal and other products. The main feature is the sublimation transfer technology transfer image colorful, rich layers , the effect can be comparable with the printing . The difference is that with the printing ink dye transfer by sublimation , penetrate the surface, bright color image after the formation of condensate . So durable heat transfer products , the image will not fall off. must need sublimation printers. Digital inkjet sublimation transfer is using a digital camera or scanner and the image data of a professional gallery , image processing and design through the c

analyse flatbed UV printer and find the reason to solve problems.

analyse flatbed UV printer and find the reason to solve problems. A variety of machines in use , some more or less common fault . Of course, universal UV flatbed printer for everyday use , because all sorts of improper use , inevitably there will be such a problem. So when there is a fault , and how to properly deal with these problems? We have thus summed up the problem for several common faults and their treatment of UV flatbed printer : (1) after a print command , UV flatbed printer no response Cause: mainly because there are many tasks in a wait state versatile UV flatbed printer in the print queue, ie universal plate Cache printer already has a number of tasks waiting in the queue . If at this time and then send the print command , the print buffer can not Accepting new print jobs , and finally manifested phenomenon is universal flatbed printer without any response . Solution: Restart UV flatbed printer, make universal UV flatbed printer automatically lose the

nc-studio manual and installation.

nc-studio  manual and let you know how to install. introduction of cnc router cutting and engraving materails. <1>wood industry:: it can procesing in 3D board,wood,windows for 2D 3D engraving and cutting. <2>model industry it can engraving and cutting 2D 3D gift, and flatbed all materials for cutting. <3>advertising industry: advertising signs、pvc board、PCC board、acrylic board、color board、light box cutting. signs marks.engraveing and cutting。 <4>stone industry: marble、strong stones、ceramic、glass and more materials for 2D 3D cutting drill. <5>gift industry: it can work on wooden,bamboo.color board,crystal for engraving words,picture and more business nc-studio Software manual And Download,( Here you can Donwload ). 1. Computer Requirements For The Nc Studio CPU: Pentium (586) or more. Memory: 32M or more. HDD: 2G or more Graphics Card: Minimum Support 800 * 600, High Color mode Display: 14 "VGA or more CD-ROM: 4x or higher Mother

weintai design software manual For cnc Router

weintai design software manual For cnc Router. cnc engraver cutter machine job,design cutting, and design engraving by wentai software. 1 .. How to install Wentai engraving software : (1) Open the CD , find the file and double-click setup.exe , select " Simplified Chinese " language to install. (2) Click the " Next " - >> "yes" - >> select the installation path, click the "next" - >> "next" - >> "next" - >> " Next ", the system automatically installs the required files, copying finished, click "Finish" , the software installation is complete. One . Set " end of file " : back to the desktop , double-click the " Wentai dimensional sculpture Software" icon, click " next start is not displayed ," it selected, click OK, enter the machine table size: ( eg RS6590, enter the width: 650 mm height : 900 mm ) , select "Portrait" , click &qu

how to buy a good vinyl cutting plotter?

how to buy a good vinyl cutting plotter? let you know to buy a good vinyl cutting plotter. With the development of society , cutting plotter uses are generally expanding. Originally limited to the production of advertising and now cover more than a dozen industries electronic die-cutting , transportation, communication , molds, glass, ceramics , clothing, sandblasting , etc. By this can be seen cutting plotter contribution to society is still getting bigger , but with the needs of the community , the market plotter 's also an increasing number of brands and types , how to choose the right plotter you need? introduce the following select cutting plotter a few notes: 1.check cutter plotter accuracy. How to see the quality of the cutting plotter , cutting plotter first have to look at the accuracy of a simple paper does not go for the long side, engraved small print without distortion . Repeatability error of not more than 0.05 mm . Users noticed when it can be purchased . ma

how to maintain roller heat transfer machine

how to maintain roller heat transfer machine. Troubleshooting the rotating roller sublimation heat transfer machine. Printing machine malfunction may occur more in operation , troubleshooting can be divided into treatment and stop treatment without stopping two categories . do not stop faults can handle : ( 1 ) found that a small amount of paste spendthrift sculptured blocks embedded particles or lint and other debris , used a small wire brush to the spendthrift nip exit. If not brush , park and removed. ( 2 ) spendthrift fine stripes found on the surface , can be a small fine grinding stone , the spendthrift nip exit side carefully rubbed off . If you still can not be rubbed off , remove the spendthrift should stop , sending sculpture workshop for repairs. General chrome spendthrift rarely found such a failure . ( 3) If it is found on both sides and in the middle of the cloth color color depth, the pressure at both ends of the adjustable spendthrift , or adjust to the pit

how to buy a good hot laminator?

how to buy a good hot laminator? cold hot laminating machine attributed to paper manufacturing machinery category , for the two pieces of paper together, put wall paper laminating machine , it is by feeder organizations, organizations and pressure laminating paper tissue. On the feed side by side the two organizations limelight , provided with a central positioning in the laminating tissue organization , the organization is divided into two laminating paper feed path , the two side laminating organization is provided with wing spring , the center positioning the organization is positioning guide blocks from the center and lift organizations , the utility model layout simple. Progress produced power , not the same as the size of the paper used to demand a no constraints on the size of the paper , single-and double -sheet  laminating machine can transform. Quality laminating machine will directly affect the progress of the print job , so buy laminating machine is to pay atte

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