What Is A Fiber Laser & Which Machine Is Good?

Fiber laser has a wide range of applications, including laser fiber communication, laser space telecommunication, industrial shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, laser engraving, laser marking, laser cutting, printing rollers, metal and non-metal drilling/cutting/welding.

Fiber Laser

The Best Fiber Laser Is suitable to Cutting And Engraving All kinds of Metal Materials.

Also suitable for some of Non Metal Materials.

Standing Model Fiber laser machine

The good fiber laser has the following characteristics

(1) Good beam quality.
fiber-optic laser
fiber-optic laser
The waveguide structure of the fiber determines that the fiber laser is easy to obtain a single transverse mode output, and is not affected by external factors, and can achieve high-brightness laser output.
(2) High efficiency.
Fiber lasers can achieve high light-to-light conversion efficiency by selecting semiconductor lasers with matching emission wavelengths and doped rare earth element absorption characteristics as pump sources.
(3) Good heat dissipation characteristics.
The fiber laser uses a slender rare-earth-doped fiber as the laser gain medium, and its surface area to volume ratio is very large.
(4) Compact structure and high reliability.
Because the fiber laser uses a small and flexible fiber as the laser gain medium, it is beneficial to compress the volume and save the cost.

The Finally:
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Anonymous said…
What is your This Fiber laser marking machine Laser Source Brand? Raycus? JPT? MAX? Or Lianpin Brand. Please give me the Optional Price and Suggestion.
Mr Jeff Tan said…
Yes, Raycus, JPT, MAX, Lianpin These all are Popular Laser Source Brands, For Our fiber laser marking machine, we can do with all laser source at the as same price, and different is 20W 30W 50W is optional Price.

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