Guide how to choose a Suitable large format printer?

The Best Guide To Choose Buy a large format Printer.

Before you choose a Large format Printer.
You should be consider many factor whether is Suitable For yourself.
Guide For Large format Printer 

1. Classification for large format printers.

Microburst Technology Large format Printer. It are Popular For Indoor Signage Printing. And Printhead is same as Novajet 750 Printer, The Resolution is low between 600 Dpi To 1200 Dpi.

Pizeo Technology Large format Printer. These are Popular For Eco solvent Outdoor Signage Printing. The Printhead Technology is Based Pizeo Head, Such as Epson,Konica,seiko Nozzle. Also Printhead Nozzle Lifespan is long with Between 3 Month to 2 Year. Printing Resolution all are higher than 1440 DPI.

2. Pizeo Epson Printhead Classification.

Epson Company has been developing Printhead in the market for nearly 20 years.  Now 2021 Year Popular Printhead is as XP600,TX800,DX7,DX5,DX10,5110,I3200 Printhead.

3. Large Format Printer components.

If Say One completed Large format Printer, So it has follows Components.

(1). Paper Feeding System, Paper Roller System And The Dry Fans system.

(2). Ciss Ink system is a important Compontents On the Large format Printer, Ink tank to stocker ink and Use Ink Pipe to continuous Supplying Ink to Printhead, And Printhead will Printing Image.

(3). Circuit part Is means PCB Boards.  Such as Power Circuit Board to supplying Power, Main Circuit Board is the controller of the machine, And Color Circuit board to Make RIP to Printhead color controlls .

4. Printable Materials.

Pizeo Head large format Printer Is most to Print On All Oil Water Proof Outdoor Materials.  Such as Eco solvent Flex Banner, Vinyl, Outdoor Poster.

Also can easy to Print Sublimation ink to heat transfer for Fabric ,T-shirts,Cloths.

Microburst Technology (Novajet) Large format Printer is only suitable with Dye ink, Water based ink , so It can only Print On all Indoor signage PVC,Banner,canvas, Photo Paper.

5. Large format Printer also has different Model of machines, which can also be classified to understand .

(1) Sublimation Printer, It is Based Sublimation Ink Printing All Textiles Materials

(2) UV Printer,  In the Nears few years, UV printers have also been included in the type of large-format printers, and various signage UV printing businesses are used for advertising.

(3) Eco solvent Printer, It is One Type Of Eco solvent Banner Printing Machine, most optional Printable Width 1.6m,1.8m,3.2m

(4) Large format Solvent Printer. These are Oil ink Printing Machine, Most use in The 3.2 Meter Large format Printer. and printhead are use Konica,seiko.

6. Large format Printer Controll Color Rip Software.

Maintop, PhotoPrint,wasatch There are Three Rip Software is most use In the Roll to Roll Large format Printer.

If Flatbed UV printer, Must Popular Rip Software are Partner,PhotoPrint.

In the Finally:

We are Give you follows Three Point Recommendation To you When you Choose A Best Large format Printer.

(1) You need to know what material you need this printer to print . (Outdoor signage, Indoor Signage Or sublimation)

(2) What Budget you have. As same What Max width Large format Printer you need to choose. (1.6 Meter,1.8 Meter, 3.2 Meter, These Different size Printer will cost you different Price).

(3) Need to Choose Best Brand Supplier With Best After sales service.(This will Help you when you printer problem or not work. they can offer it to you )


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