Sublimation Paper VS Heat Transfer PU Vinyl

Sublimation Printing Materials Has Two Type : One is Sublimation Paper, Other is PU Heat transfer vinyl, What is Different Between Two Materials , What you can do with Two materials

To Compare What Difference Between Sublimation Paper and Heat transfer vinyl.

The First Point is Printing method Difference.

1. Sublimation Paper Is for Printing Materials.

you need use Inkjet printer to Printing Colors, Image, Texts, And all you need to Printing Before you go to heat transfer to T-shirt, Fabric, Cloth.  (This photo is Sublimation Paper)
sublimation paper

And Sublimation paper materials all are white color ,  if you are not use inkjet print, so can not to do heat press.

2. PU Heat transfer vinyl is not printable Materials

It is for cutting Materials as you need a cutting plotter to cut texts, logos.  then heat transfer to all T-shirt, Fabric, Cloth.

The Color is Raw Materials Color , Exsample : It has many different Roller Color PU Heat transfer vinyl.  Red, Blue, Yellow, Black ,White,Gold,silver As Optional When you Purchasing the PU heat transfer vinyl. (Follows photo is PU heat transfer vinyl)

PU Heat Transfer Vinyl

The Second Is different Printing Application For T Shirt, Fabric, Cloth Raw Materials.

Sublimation Paper Is Applicate to All White Color Raw Fabric,Cloth,Tshirts.

can not printing on a ,Fabric,Cloth,T-shirts.

But The Best Advantage is that Sublimation Paper Can Printing Image, Full color . Because it based Inkject Printing Technology.

PU Heat transfer Vinyl Is Not Inkjet Materials , It is a specical Vinyl. It can not use Any Inkjet Printer to Printing .

But PU Heat transfer Can Transfer to Dark T-shirt, Dark fabirc, Colorful clothes.  this is very good Advantage if you choose PU Heat transfer machine.

Above Two Point is main different between Sublimation Paper And PU Heat transfer vinyl To Your T-shirt Printing Business.

wish all viewer can understand from our this article, More over, If you need to learn more about Sublimation technology, Cnc , Laser, Inkjet Printer technology,  you can search on our this side to get what you will want to learn..


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