LaserCad User Manual Guide For CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

LaserCad Operation Guide PDF Download For Your Laser Machine.

Basic Operation Guide of LaserCAD in Follows Details

1 Main Interface Of LaserCad

Figure3-1-1 Main Interface

Menu bar Of LaserCad

The main functionsof this softwareareexecuted bythe command options in the menu bar.The menu bar contains seven sub-menus with different functions: File, Edit, Draw, Tool, Options, View and help.

Tool bar Of LaserCad

The toolbar contains some of the commonly used functions,20 which are selected from menus, in the form of command buttons.

Object bar Of LaserCad

The object bar provides relevant properties when selecting graphics and  using  tools.By  setting  the  corresponding  properties  in  the property bar, the graphics will change.

Draw barIt’s on the left of working area.
With these draw tools, theymakeoperation more flexible and convenient.

Align bar Of LaserCad
Make multi objects align to perfect the layout of page.

Color bar Of LaserCad
Alter the color of selected layer and create multiple layers.

Control panel Of LaserCad
Use control panel to processtasks of laser machining, including setting communication, layer parameter,loading graphicsand so on.

 There are Also List How to Install The LaserCad CO2 Laser engraving machine body installation .

LaserCAD Software Has Many Advance Functions:
1.Two_Head Control
 (Only for Independent_Two_Head Machine)a)
Enable Check this function to enable two head control.b)

When the two heads work asynchronously, checkobjects divide to make the two heads cut asynchronously. If this function is not checked, the machine will only work with the main laser head.c)XDirection for Two_HeadSelect according to the installation direction of machine beam.d)

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The Finally:
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Anonymous said…
I try to Donwload It Later, But Does this LaserCAD is support for My 120W Laser Cutting machine? I Bought My This 1390 Laser machine from one of China Supplier, But now i lossed the software.Thanks.
Mr Jeff Tan said…
LaserCad is for all Large Laser Cutting Machines 9013 1016 1325. If your Laser Machine system is industries, so it can use with this software

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