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Epson I1600 Printhead Parameter Lifespam

What is Epson I1600 Printhead? The Epson i1600-U1 Printhead /A1 is a cost-effective 1.33-inch wide MEM printhead family that delivers high productivity and image quality along with 600dpi high-density resolution. The printhead is suitable for DTF water-based ink scheme and UVDTF oil-based ink scheme which are popular in the printing industry at present.  I1600 Head Working Lifespam And Parameter?  The Epson 1600 is a high quality printer head for a wide range of printing materials and printing needs. The nozzle uses advanced technology to ensure excellent printing results and a long service life. In addition, the Epson i1600-A1 nozzle is easy to install and maintain, providing users with a convenient experience. Type: PrecisionCore MicroTFP print header Width x Depth x Height: 69.1 x 59.4 x 35.6 mm Weight: 82g Number of nozzles: 1600 Nozzle spacing/nozzle row: 1/300 inch Nozzle rows: 4 rows Nozzle resolution: 300 noi/ line 600 npi/2 lines The maximum. Color ink quantity: 4 colors Effec

Laser Marking and Engraving Metal Parts

Is laser marking machine widely used to mark metal materials? Usually we in the life of many common signs, metal or non-metal marks on the text and pictures, such as BMW logo, mobile phone buttons, etc. These pictures are marked by Fiber laser marking machine. Laser marking machine is the use of laser beam on the surface of various substances to print permanent symbols. Through the laser light on the surface of the target material evaporation and reveal the deep layer of substances; laser light can lead to the surface of the material of chemical and physical changes and "engrave" the required pictures and words; laser light can burn part of the material, so as to show the required etching of pictures and words. Fiber laser marking machine can carve metal and non-metal surface? More suitable for some requirements more sophisticated, higher precision occasions.Widely used in leather, craft gifts, fabric cutting, building ceramics, clothing accessories, rubber products, electron

Fiber Laser Aluminum Engraving Marking Machine

How to print aluminum plate with laser marking machine? As laser equipment practitioners, we often encounter the problem of using laser marking machines to print aluminum plates. We will answer this question in detail below.  using laser marking machine requires the following steps? 1. Choose the appropriate fiber laser marking machine: according to the type of aluminum plate printed, choose the appropriate laser marking machine. For example, for ferrous aluminum plates, choose a high energy density laser marking machine, and for colored aluminum plates, choose a laser color marking machine. 2. Install the marking machine equipment: Install the corresponding equipment according to the selected marking machine equipment. It should be noted that the equipment parameters need to be checked before installation, and ensure that the marking machine is working properly. 3. Prepare aluminum sheet for printing: For aluminum sheet printed by laser marking machine, prepare aluminum sheet. Place t

Epson I3200 Printhead Lifespam And Parameter

How to Learn The Epson I3200 Printhead Parameter? Epson i3200-u nozzle is a cost-effective nozzle officially released by Epson. It has 4 inkjet channels in a single head, 800 nozzles in a row, and a total of 3200 nozzles. The ink droplets are variable from 3.8-6-12PL to small, medium and large. I3200 Printhead Working Life Spam and Printing Quality? I3200 PrintHead life, mainly depends on the use and maintenance level of the printer, 3200 nozzle life is generally 3-6 months, if proper maintenance can be used for about a year, printing accuracy 1440dip*2880dip. The following conditions will lead to shorter life, printer color or line breakage, regarded as the nozzle blockage, so attempt to rely on continuous cleaning nozzle to solve, many continuous cleaning nozzle, will accelerate the aging of the nozzle. Epson I3200 Printhead More Maintenance and Repair Details . Epson i3200 series has 3 different models for different applications. The i3200-A1 is suitable for water-based i

Quality XP600 Printhead Printer 1.8m Purchasing Guide

How to Choose An Good Quality Large Format Printer? What factors should you consider when buying an outdoor XP600 Printer? When purchasing a Large Format Printer XP600 Eco Solvent Printing Sublimation Machine, the following points need to be noted:  1, The Printer printing effect, the printed image should be high clarity, bright colors and lifelike. 2, the stability of the machine, Outdoor Printing canvas Vinyl Banner needs to work continuously for a long time, so it is necessary to ensure that the machine stability is high, the failure rate is low, and the Printer can run smoothly for a long time. 3, Large Format Printer price and cost, comprehensive consideration of budget and cost recovery and other issues, choose the right brand and model, do not blindly pursue expensive imported models. 4, waterproof and sunscreen performance of The printing picture, Use Eco Solvent Ink, The Printer is mainly used for outdoor advertising printing, so it is necessary to ensure that the printed imag

Paper Cutting Machine Purchasing Guide?

How To Choose Good Paper Cutting Machine? This article briefly introduces the more popular models on the market through the following usage scenarios: schools, bidding units, picture and text shops, print shops, small printing factories The model that can be used in this type of scenario is called a small office paper cutter.  Manual Paper Cutter VS Digital Paper Cutting Machine The structure of this paper cutter is relatively complex and mainly consists of a host machine, a workbench, a paper pressing mechanism, a paper pushing mechanism and a cutting mechanism.   This paper cutter is mainly suitable for cutting a large number of documents neatly before binding them. This kind of paper cutter is widely used in modern digital express printing, medium and high-end offices, libraries, national government agencies and small and medium-sized printing, etc. General graphics and text printing shops have a lot of needs for binding and paper cutting.  They mainly meet all needs for bindi

How To Setup Sign-Master For Cutter Plotter

Signs-Master software  is an full function CCD Camera Automatic Contour Cutting For All Kinds of Cutter Plotters. Get Guides To Setup Install SignMaster For Cutter Plotters. Customer portal allows our customers to purchase vinyl cutting software, upgrade it, suspend and reinstate subscriptions, download executables and more. SignMaster English. Sign Shops. Print Shops. Production. Support. Lodge a Ticket. Help & Support Centre. FAQs. SignMaster. Download & Install. Contact Us. About Us. ... Login to Customer Portal. Update Software *Not all cutters and printers are supported. Subject to terms and conditions. For more information on cutters and printers.

Artcam Software Free Download Guide For Install

Free Download This Artcam Software Artcam Software is an popurla Software For All kinds of CNC Router It can be easy to Create 2D Engraving And 3D Engraving,Cutting File For CNC Router Machine Works. Check your internet connection. Open the site in a different browser. How to Download and Install ArtCAM Pro 9.021 for CNC Software ArtCAM Pro 9.021 is a software that allows you to create 3D models and designs for CNC machines. It is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that can help you turn your ideas into reality. With ArtCAM 2008 you can make wooden structures and removing various art forms on wood types is a very fun and sometimes very rewarding task.  Now, the Delcam programming team with Autodesk-backed ArtCAM 2008 software  has taken a significant step forward in the design, modeling, and programming of CNC lathes for the production of modern wood structures and so 3D design on wood

CNC Router Cutting PVC For Signs Letter

Do you Know How To Create Signs Letters. If You Have a CNC Router Machine, So that it will help you to make all kinds of Signs Letter Easter.     Look At Our Follows Video How Does The CNC Router Machine To Make Signs Letter.

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