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analyze signs printer breakdown problem!

analyze signs printer breakdown problem! this article is to let you know how to analyze all different type of large format signs indoor outdoor printer breakdown problem! 1 . Printing ink supply interruption may be caused by the following reasons: A. Ink cartridge ink is too high or too low. Generally , the amount of ink can be maintained at preferably about 400ML. B. System pressure imbalance. Unscrew the cap allows the ink tube system pressure balance. C. Ink used incorrectly . If you do not use the outdoor ink ,3- 4 weeks after blocking the ink tube . D. Ink supply pipe connections loose. Especially the printhead and ink supply connections, if loosened , it is easy to cause the ink cartridge back into the supply . E. print head quality. Especially the nozzle plate sealed well , observe the table if there is accumulation of ink , see the need to replace the printhead. 2 . Printing ink stains image appears , manifests itself in two colors of ink stains from each other , the

how to buy good DX5 head printer?

how to buy good DX5 head printer? this article to let all oversea buyer to know how to buy a Optional good DX5 DX7 head eco solvent outdoor printer? 1.check the outdoor DX5 DX7 head printer high speed, and in china now one DX5 DX7 head eco solvent printer can be printing about 20 square meter. hour. and check whether is automatic ink supply system ensures a steady stream of ink , do not frequent replacement ink cartridges print ...... all the advantages of a long and stable so that pictorial soon occupied outdoor market , 2 Application extended to dyeing industry , Industrial drawing , studio , interior decoration , printing plate , outdoor advertising printing, sublimation printing , and so on . So, as a common machine used , outdoor pictures be confidential to choose what is standard ? 3.follow is for checkng which DX5 DX7 head eco solvent printer best. ( 1 ) : the motherboard , the motherboard is the source of pictorial machine for the heart than anyone can imagine , a qu

how to buy a good laser engraver?

how to buy a good laser engraver? we hope this article can be helping more CO2 laser engraver cutter buyer to choose a good machine. CO2 laser engraver cutter on the market of products is very large, there is the whole imported machines ,there is China 's self-designed production machines ,domestic assembly of imported parts in the machine ,a professional engraving machine, marking a professional , a professional cutting machine , there are two or more functions of the machine who is , then how to buy it? 1 service: CO2 laser engraver cutter laser tube, reflective lenses are consumables, there is a certain life, after due for To replace .This requires manufacturers to provide a strong after-sales service guarantee , can provide these supplies timely. (2) Product Quality: Also is a CO2 laser engraver cutter, used parts is not the same , following are examples : a) stepper motor : relationship to CO2 laser engraver cutter engraving precision, some manufacturers chose import

how to buy a good cnc wood router?

how to buy a good cnc wood router? read follows 5 of point to you best to choose a good cnc engraver cutting machine. 1, working size selection Customers should be based on business needs and financial situation , to choose their own engraving machine the size of the model and its power . General small-format engraving machine has 600mm × 600mm and 600mm × 900mm, the feed width is 700mm. Engraved color plates is small format engraver most basic application , acceptance is very good. And then a little engraving machine and its almost the same price , but when carving color plates to the Conference Board , more cumbersome and unnecessary waste . Large format engraving machine has 1200mm × 1200mm, 1200mm × 1500mm, 1300mm × 1800mm, 1200mm × 2400mm, 1300mm × 2500mm, 1500mm × 3000mm, width over the engraving machine models into families of more than 1350mm, plexiglass and now available PVC plate dimensions are 1300mm × 2400mm, so that several models of customer needs large format engravi

cnc router manual for repairing

cnc router manual for repairing. this is cnc engraver cutter machine manual for repairing different problem when machine working! ◆ cnc engraver cutter router when walking or Homing in the opposite direction ? 1 change in Notepad document ; 2 wiring methods to modify the inverter ; 3 modify the motor direction ncstuido software. ◆ cnc engraver cutter router machine does not return to normal mechanical origin ? 1 in the opposite direction ; 2 controller card failure or loose ; 3 limit switches or data line failure ; 4 drive failure ; . Nearly five-step motor failure . ◆ cnc engraver cutter router spindle automatic stop switch or not ? 1 controller card failure ; 2 drive failures. When ◆ cnc engraver cutter router open Weihong software, computer Tip "Operation failed" ? 1 Check the board driver has not installed , or the board for a PCI slot ; 2 to reinstall the two data cables , check there is no breakage phenomenon ; 3 boards have problems, replace board . When

how to make roll up standing For Advertising.

how to make roll up standing? this article to let you know how to make indoor and outdoor roll up standing advertising and developments! roll up standing for the promotion of sales of products produced plays an increasingly important role . During this time, in the past few years began . Application of UV printing technology to make those conservative offset market competitors far behind. According to equipment manufacturers in Europe are expected to : UV Factory sales increased almost twice . The annual growth rate will reach type will reach 70% UV curing device annual growth rate will reach 10% UV inks and coatings of the fastest growing . The U.S. market is at the cusp of the development . 14% of the world demand for UV printing are on the rise . Packaging and printing industry spawned many successful enterprises story. The late 90s of last century , the United States. UV technology has been widely applied in the field of offset printing UV coating process for people to be on s

how to select correct indoor outdoor printing media

how to select correct indoor outdoor printing media. this article to let you know how to select correct indoor outdoor printing media for you printer. advertising printing in two ways: one is advertising outdoor screen output , one is advertising indoor screen output. Friends can be customized according to the actual situation . One is based on the actual price of the finished inkjet number of square meters multiplied by the price per square meter counted down , and designed to collect fees based on the size of difficulty , the following are two categories of common materials at a glance: A, advertising indoor printing media. 1 . PP paper ( what we called the posters, fine gum , high-precision , but behind the plastic surface does not own , customers can use double-sided adhesive tape on the wall , can be used repeatedly ) 2 . pp adhesive paper ( and PP film distinction lies in its own plastic surface , the customer back after tearing the film posted on the wall ) 3 . photo pap

roland printer manual maintaining

roland printer  manual maintaining. japan roland inkjet printer maintaining and repairing. 1.japan roland inkjet printer ambient temperature was kept at room temperature (about 20 ° - 30 ° C), there is a certain humidity, dust as small as possible . If the temperature is low , it may cause the ink not smooth , in order to enhance the activity of the ink must be artificial heating , i.e. iron with a blower or bottom of the cartridge heater , the temperature of the method see :. MENU SERVICE MENU THERMISTOR CHK ( heated to 22 ° C or so ) . 2. Japan roland inkjet printer when printing if parallel lines to print, definitely not hot plug the print line , otherwise it will cause damage to the machine or computer motherboard motherboard . 3. Japan roland inkjet printer must be grounded , because static electricity can damage the machine , and the screen will appear static or signal disorders such phenomena . Mechanically strong grounding wire single strand copper wire or winding lines,

MIMAKI printer manual maintain

MIMAKI printer manual maintain. do you have mimaki printer, if you have, this article is very helpful for you.  MIMAKI inkjet printer repair manual... 1, MIMAKI JV22 plugging ink deal ( 1 ) , PUNCH process, the gradient of the ink off : this is caused by the ink off the ink sac and sprinklers . The reason may be the ink sac dirty , sprinklers aging, then you can clean the ink sac and nozzle, if not wash clean , replace ( water-based ink sac and spray ice cleaning , it is best to use pure water, especially black and red , oily available acetone ) . ( 2 ) , PUNCH process suddenly cut off the ink , and the ink off serious , if playing solid base map typically 5-10CM cut off badly, this is caused by the ink off the ink and more , the majority of replacement ink. 2.MIMAKI inkjet printer ink nozzle back on the big stack sound approach (1), caping wipping flashing value is too small , the more points you can transfer large value . ( 2 ) , ink jet car in contact with the top of the sta

MUTOH-8000 printer maintain and repairing

MUTOH-8000 printer maintain and repairing. do you have a MUTOH 8000 printer, if you have this printer,please read this article to let you know more information to operate the Mutoh 8000 printer. the MUTOH printer  break down and show  error message: 1 , when the printer runs out of ink prompts you for some time ( the machine will sound an alarm whistle , flute ~ ~ ~ ~ on the LCD screen and prompts Ink near and), should be promptly replaced. Information can also be understood ink (Ink stanus menu ) , when replacing the cartridge , the cartridge should be promptly removed after insertion of empty new ink cartridge from the machine's monitor to avoid ink flowing down the pipeline to generate the bubble , so the printer can not properly work, resulting in breakage and so on. 2 , a long time with an ink machine , when you need to replace another ink type, ink cleaning fluid corresponding menu operation according to the machine the machine ink supply system ( all the parts in contact

novajet 750 printer work with CAD software

novajet 750 printer work with CAD software. now we are tell you how to use the large format novajet lecai 750 inkjet printer working with CAD software. Novajet 750 inkjet printer, lecai 750 indoor printer, all kinds of indoor printer not only can make beautiful indoor photo inkjet , but also it is a high-speed CAD drawing instrument , and can be in color, the lines are very fine, CAD drawings can be output to either plain white paper can also be output to a sulfuric acid paper. But many customers do not know how to make cheap homemade pictures of CAD drawing , in fact, simply set it, you can make your photo machine immediately transformed into a high-speed CAD drawing instrument . Here we do follow it step by step . 1 , we must first install the software on your computer is responsible for AutoCAD output , it is recommended that you install the latest version of AutoCAD software. And to download sites with their pictures of models and computer operating system version that matches t

Piezo DX5 DX7 head maintaining

Piezo DX5 DX7 head maintaining. Follows info to let you know how to protect you Piezo DX5 DX7 head. if DX5 DX7 head nozzles to clean the nozzles , need distilled water , lint-free cloth and wipe a plate . 1, with a cloth soaked in distilled water . Net absorption gently with a damp cloth ( do not rub ) nozzle nozzle at the bottom of 3-5 times. Repeat this process for all nozzles to be cleaned . Each nozzle should use a clean area of the cloth, to avoid color mixing nozzle . Test to see if the nozzle is clogged nozzles . ( See Printing and explain the initial samples and color test operation for more information. ) If the blockage persists , you can put a little distilled water and put a small amount in the heating plate. ( The nozzle on a platter , because water can leak into the back of the chip , so the water should not be higher than the bottom of the 2CM.) The nozzle upright in warm water . Wait 30 seconds , then dry nozzle test . Each nozzle should be cleaned with water .

why DX5 head can't printing color?

why DX5 head can't printing color? When DX5 head eco solvent printer printing no ink nozzles , resulting in the lack of a color screen content , often referred to as " nozzle clogging ," especially for Scitex machine class picture quality is a major factor and yield impact. Discuss the reasons for nozzle clogging machinery and contribute to a better understanding to improve picture quality. Principle DX5 head is quite something like a bicycle pump is often used in our daily , one last look hardcore sports pump nozzle is our soul parts --- piezoelectric crystals , when you find pump outlet when not to fight , not outside almost two reasons: road barrier or gas pump iron does not work. DX5 head of course, much more complex than the pump , so " jam" is also a variety of reasons , generally have the following situations: An ink accumulated in the DX5 head out to a certain extent clogging of the spray : blockage is the most common way, as the ink solvent evapor

how to maintain laser machine

how to maintain laser machine. follows are letting you know how to maintain your laser engraver cutting machines Oiling method 1.X slider rails ? ① Turn off the power of the laser engraving machine , with a hex wrench to remove the lens on the slider ( to protect the lens ) . After removing the lens exposed four hexagonal , respectively, to remove , then slide the belt off , the next on the linear guide Yiyi fixed nail fold ( be careful not to touch the knock rails ) ( Do not remove the slider ) then reverse placed to grasp the rail , exposing the slider and rail joints , if the slide in oil , you will see the ball is illuminated at this time, when the oil in the oil needle out a little , with a wooden toothpick add oil to the gap, with the thumb turn when refueling , so try to make each ball gets oil ② After the oil to slide rails rolling back and forth in it, then the rail must be installed first time , pay attention to when you do not let the first fixed rail , installed all t

laser engraver cutter applications

laser engraver cutter applications. laser engraver cutting machine uses a lot Here are 18 kinds of applications. after you read this information ,so you know what you can be doing with a laser engraver machine 1.trademark : the production of employee badges , all kinds of numbers, card trick show 2 model making : making sand table model , building models , etc. 3 Shoes : Sole trademark pattern processing 4 jewelry decoration : jewelry fine carving , carving decorative products 5 Wood : embossed pattern for design and production. 6 Advertising and gifts production industry : all kinds of color plates for engraving signs, plexiglass , Vatican special Shimen cards, three-dimensional signs, decorative gift boxes piece color man statues, reliefs medal -wall light house, light guide plate engraving lamp housing , organic board embossed three-dimensional door top. 7 auto industry : tire mold decoration lights die and mold machining 8 tobacco industry : security signs for ciga

laser machine no laser out

laser machine no laser out. The following describes how to solve laser engraver cutting machine problem in laser 1 : the laser current transferred five or less , resulting in the laser power not too strong. 2 : The dimming of paper on the front of the first lens , hand touch test switch ( touch immediately release , you can see the laser spot to play in the dimming paper ) , look at the first spot falls two lenses ( preferably in the middle ) , if you can find the lens on to complete this step. If you can not hit the lens or is missed, you will need to adjust the position of the laser tube or height so that it can meet the above criteria . 3 : the first lens to adjust the optical path , and the second between the lenses . First, the front of the laser into the second lens sheet , and the rails onto the position illustrated at (a) a test point switch look spot position. Second, the guide pulled position (b) at the same point about the test switch , look at whether the position of

Steps Guide to How to Make Outdoor Banner Signage

Steps Guide to How to Make Outdoor Banner Signage. firstly, you need to buy a outdoor printer, such as eco solvent DX5 head printer, DX7 head printer or 3.2m large size outdoor printer 1, the design - communication, creativity , sketches , computer draft ( 1 ) 1 , press the size of the map design is good, take inkjet. ( 2 ) according to the size of the advertising company looking to you to do the shelf. ( 3 ) After spraying , the cloth attached to the shelf, did not install lights are your problem. ( 4 ) An see where to hire workers to install just fine. 2 , Planning - Published angle , a reasonable selection, innovative processing , computer out of the draft ( small for gestational age ) 3 , the production - arranged schedule , strict construction . 4 , adjust - overall proofreading, technology exchange , effect coordination, the pursuit of perfection 5 , acceptance - overall acceptance, customer recognition, dealing with the aftermath Note: Types of outdoor advertis

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