Fill UV ink,Full User Manual For UV Printer Setups Operations

How to Fill UV ink to Our UV printer.

When All Customer Received Our 3360 UV Printer, So firstly,Please install Printer Leg, Then Setup Our UV Printer USB Driver.
Then Install Rip software ( And Setup Rip Software Parameter)
Finally,Try to Printing and See whether Printer is Full Works.  If Printer is Printing without Ink.

1. Fill Ink to Printer Tank 

 2. Direct Use Inkjetor To Suck Ink Out ,  Let it Across Ink from Printhead.

Sucking UV ink

 3. Now If All Ink Out To "Wast Ink Pipe"

So it is means Printer inside Pipe and Head has Already Across Ink.

Now Next Let Us to See how to "Auto Clean" ? How to Print "Nozzle Lines".

1.  Click UV Printer Ink Button To Make Head Cleaning.

Ink cleaning
For New Machine : First Time is better to do the Head cleaning with 2-3 Times

2. Print "Nozzle Line"..

Now We can Plan To Printing . Print Printhead Nozzle Line firstly..

But before Printing "Head Nozzle Line" , Please put A paper To Printer Table.

And Make Good Distance Between Printhead And Materials.

UV Printer Head distance

3. Move UV Printer body in Start Printing Position.

Printing Position

After Done Above : Materials Distance, Start Printing Position.

4. So now we are going to Print Nozzle Lines.

UV Printer Nozzle checks

5. See Your Materials.

Whether Printing Nozzle Line : C M Y K W W 

If Materils nozzle Line Is bad ? So you need to click Printer Ink Button to do head cleaning again.

Or direct Click On usb driver " Nozzle Cleaning"

Let Printhead more good for cleaning Nozzle

If Materials Print Good Nozzle Line C M Y K W W 

So now your Printer Condition are perfect. it will Printing any Image Good Quality.


in the finally.

we wish all customer to Printing Everyday , If any one day you are no work, Better to click Printer Ink Button to cleaning Printhead nozzle.

And Keep Nozzle Line Printing Good Every Day.

If You will long time don't work with UV printer, i am sorry to say : Any brand UV printer will clog The Printhead.  

Thanks for you viewing Our This UV Printer Ink Fill Installation and Full Operation User Manual Article, We are Also Wish our all customer working good and make money by Our UV printer printing Business 

Now Let Us see Our this UV printer Working Videos.

Welcome To Leave a Comment to us , also very glad to you if you share this article to All UV Printer New User Friends.


Anonymous said…
Very Good Guide To Help me to Setup My Flatbed UV Printer, Thanks
Anonymous said…
I Plan to buy one Flatbed Printer from you soon, But How to Protect the UV Ink with no Block Printhead If I will be no printing?
Mr Jeff Tan said…
If you will no Printing, You need to Remove Out The Printhead And Suck Out Ink From Pipe. This way can protect your Printhead. And We have Completed Guide On our side, you can search it and find the article To Learn The all Operate Steps.

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