Cnc Cutting Engraving Spindle Water cooled VS Air cooled

Cnc Router, What Spindel Is good for Cnc Cutting Engraving Machine.

Compare Which is good Between Water cooled Spindle And Air cooled Spindle.

Cnc Spindle

Anyone who has used Cnc Router knows that there are two kinds of spindles of Cnc Cutting Machine, one is: water-cooled spindle, and the other is: air-cooled spindle. So why do some customers have water-cooled or air-cooled spindles? Now we are here to help you interpret the main differences, advantages and disadvantages of the two spindles. Water cooled spindle motor :

It Need to connect Water pump, So it will cooling by Water channel when you runing the Spindle.

If you are Big cnc Router, Cnc cutting machine, and you need to work everyday , this Water cooled spindle would be your best choose.

Air Cooled Spindle motor:

This Spindle is cooling by Fans , So the fans come air to cool spindle when your Running the spindle.

these spindle worked with very smaller Cnc router , cnc cutting machine.  

and Air cooled spindle can not runing with long time,  also you need to think the Ambient temperature, such as summer , When the weather is hot , so you can not run it.

these are why is only use on smaller cnc router.


1. Loud noise. bai

2. Maintenance is inconvenient.

3. Easy to be disturbed by dust.

4. The heat dissipation effect is not good

The above is to explain to you the difference between Cnc machine water-cooled spindle motor and air-cooled spindle motor. I believe it will be helpful when you buy Cnc Cutting Engraving machine.


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