The Best Quality 3360 Flatbed UV printer With 3D Effects!

How Does UV Printer To Print 3D Effects.

Every UV printer Supplier has its own characteristics and advantages. It depends on the actual requirements of customers to choose the right Flatbed UV printer. There are too many brands of UV printers. There are more than 100 brands in China.

Some manufacturers are good at making modified machines, some are making small machines, some are making industrial machines, and some are making export machines, all of which have different advantages and areas of expertise.

This one Flatbed UV printer A3 Size 33cm*60cm will be your best choose, It Will Printing with 3D Effects on wood,acrylic, glass, metals, plastic.

it also based China Manufacturer price to export all the world!(Here is Also Our This Flatbed UV printer Printing Video).

3D Effect UV Printer

How Does The Flatbed UV printer will Make Printing as 3D Effects.

It is easy, 3D Effects printing is based white ink. if you printing white ink to Materials with 2-3 times, do the Materials will come 3D Effects.

UV printers print in the field of flat panels. The common materials used by uv printers in flat panels include ceramic tiles, glass, acrylic, wood, PVC, fiberboard, slate, plastic, KT, metal, UV, etc. 

Decoration and decoration industry
Decorations and special products are professional and personalized markets, such as: art glass, decorative ceramics, wooden crafts, furniture, fake metal panels, ceilings, curtains, etc. This market is characterized by the high cost of manual processing and production Low efficiency, short version of the business, the most suitable alternative to digital inkjet technology. At least 30% of UV flatbed printers are currently used in a unique personalized market


Anonymous said…
How do this Flatbed UV printer Printing 3D Effects wood Plastic and metals?
Mr Jeff Tan said…
This Printer supports white color printing, Use this printer to Printing White ink together, so it will be 3D Effects.

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