Which Is Nice Printing Between UV Ink VS Eco solvent Ink?

UV Ink VS Eco solvent Ink.

What Will Be More Nice printing Between UV Ink and Eco Solvent Ink. It will based question to see Materials you will Printing.

What is Difference Between UV Ink And Eco solvent Ink Printing.

Firstly, UV ink Can Print More Different Media And Suitable for All Hard Materials: glass,Ceramics,wood,mobile case,Acrylic,Metal.

also For many Soft Materials ,such as: PC,PP Banner,outdoor canvas,flex banner,wallpaper,PET etc.

But Eco solvent ink widely used for printing on advertisement media, like Vehicle Wrapps, Flex Banner (lamp box advertising) , Outdoor Vinyls, ads board, outdoor posters, shop signage.etc.

uv Ink Printing
Eco solvent Ink Printing

Compared with uv ink and eco-solvent ink, uv ink has very significant advantages

For example, many materials of eco-solvent inks need to be coated when printing, and the printed products without coating are easy to fade;

The uv ink can be directly used to print many materials without any coating treatment, which is simple, convenient and practical. In addition, eco-solvent ink cannot be mixed with white ink, so there is no way to print embossed effect.

It is also because of the different essential characteristics of uv ink and eco-solvent ink that determine their respective application methods and application fields.

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Anonymous said…
What Prin Heat Can Compatible with UV Ink and Eco-solvent Ink? I have one Epson xp600 head Printer, Can I use both UV Ink and Eco-solvent Ink?
Mr Jeff Tan said…
Most Epson Printheads are Compatible with Both UV Ink and Eco-solvent Ink, as you said that The XP600 Head is the same.

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